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TMP MARINE PRODUCTS offers a variety of Emergency Safety Kits to assist you in your time of need. The World Prep® Emergency Safety Kits are specifically designed for different types of emergencies and urgent situations. When you are in an emergency situation, you want the best tools for the job, to stack the odds in your favor. This philosophy is built into every product, in every Emergency Safety Kit and they must meet the following requirements of:

• Quality • Comprehensive • Durability

Let TMP Marine Products help provide you with piece of mind.


Using past experience in marine patrol law enforcement, and search and rescue operations, World Prep® has developed these Emergency / Safety kits with the experiences gained in the field. In addition, the expertise of a Navy SEAL, and other experts in their fields were consulted to develop these kits.


"We won't sell products that portray a false sense of security."

This is why World Prep® uses only premium products in all of the Emergency / Safety kits. When you purchase a World Prep® Safety Kit, you can rest assured that you are buying the best. World Prep® stands behind their motto of -

"Meeting People's Needs In Their Time of Need!"

Don't Wait until you have an emergency situation -

Be Prepared - Order you Emergency Safety Kit Today!


        TMP MARINE PRODUCTS has Boater's Emergency Safety Kits available, for recreational and Marine Patrols. These unique Emergency Safety Kits are made of High Visibility, Durable, Orange Fabric. The bags are made for easy retrieval, with 3 separate compartments. The Emergency Safety Kit bags are designed to float.

        The Emergency Safety Kits also make a Great Gift Idea for that boater in your life

        Boater's - Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

        When you leave the dock, for a day of boating, are you prepared for the unexpected? Are you ready to handle an emergency? The Boater’s Safety Kits™ offered by TMP MARINE PRODUCTS can help. The various kits were designed and created after 8 years of Marine Patrol and Search & Rescue.

        Too many times, in Search & Rescue operations, you find that the victims did not have the necessary resources to assist themselves. When an emergency strikes, on the water, you can’t get out of the boat and wait for someone to come along and help, as you can on the road. Many times you are on your own, or help is delayed in getting to you. Accidents can happen anywhere - on smaller lakes and on seas, even when you can see the shore.

        The ES Boater's Safety Kit™ is designed for smaller vessels, such as: Personal Watercraft, Canoes, Kayaks and Jet Skis. This kit is also applicable for bass and walleye fishermen who would like to have a small safety kit. The bag is compartmentalized and designed to float! Be prepared and take along your ES Safety Kit™.

        ES Boater's Safety Kit™

        46 Items Included In This Kit

        High Visibility, Compartmentalized Case

        Equipment Listing:
        • 1 High Visibility Bag
        • 1 SOS Distress Flag (Coast Guard Approved)
        • (2) 4 x 4 Gauze Pads
        • 33 - Piece First Aid Kit
        • 4 Field Towels
        • 1 Flashlight, batteries included
        • 1 Thermal Emergency Blanket
        • 1 Signal Mirror
        • 1 Safety Whistle (4 in 1)
        • 1 Utility Tool
        Weight: 2.00 lbs.
        LS Boater's Safety Kit - The bag is designed to float; and it is constructed of durable nylon fabric, which is also high visibility orange and is mold and mildew resistant. This is a larger version of the popular LT Boater's Safety Kit

        LS Boater's Safety Kit™

        53 Items Included In This Kit


        Main compartment
        • Lockback Knife
        • Multi-Use Utility Tool 12 tools in 1 (stored inside a key float)
        • Heavy Duty Aluminum Flashlight attached to key float
        • Rescue Throwbag (50’ of floating line)
        • 20’ Of Line suggested use is light towing or mooring needs
        First Aid Equipment compartment
        • 40 Piece First Aid Kit
        • Thermal Blanket retains 90% of body heat
        • 2 Pairs Of Latex Exam Gloves
        Signal Equipment compartment
        • Distress Flag U.S. Coast Guard approved
        • High Visibility Orange Whistle attached to key float
        Weight: 7.00 lbs.
        LT BOATER'S SAFETY KIT - This is the largest of the Boater's Safety Kit and the bag is designed to float. The bag is constructed of durable nylon fabric, which is also high visibility orange. LT Boater’s Safety Kit consists of 3 distinct compartments.

        LT Boater's Safety Kit™

        210+ Items Included In This Kit


        Main compartment
        • Lockback Knife
        • Pair of Leather Gloves
        • Multi-Use Utility Tool 12 tools in 1 (stored inside a key float)
        • Siphon Pump
        • High Visibility Floating Flashlight
        • Rescue Throwbag (50’ of floating line)
        • Ultimate Safety Kit
        • 1 Carry Case with Handles
        • (1) 8 Foot, 10 Gauge Booster Cables
        • 1 Flashlight / Emergency Signal
        • 2 Heavy Duty "D" Cell Batteries
        • 1 Flashlight Signal Cone
        • 1 Pair Knit Gloves
        • 1 "CALL POLICE" Banner
        • 1 Foam Kneeling Pad
        • 6 Handi-wipe Towelettes
        • 1 Shop Cloth
        • (3) 12" Cable Ties
        • 1 Survival Card
        • 1 Roadside Assistance Card
        • 1 Heavy Duty 12' Towrope with steel locking hooks
        • 2 Tie Down Straps
        • 1 Roll PVC Tape
        First Aid Equipment compartment
        • 181 Piece First Aid Kit
        • 2 Thermal Blankets retains 90% of body heat
        Signal Equipment compartment
        • High Visibility Orange Whistle attached to key float
        • Signal Mirror
        • Safety Vest (high visibility & reflective)
        • Distress Flag U.S. Coast Guard approved
        Weight: 19.00 lbs.
        Many times, individuals attempting to rescue another person, who has fallen into the water, end up needing to be rescued as well. It is always recommended to either have something to reach to the individual, or something to throw to them, safely from shore, or a boat.

        Unless you are trained in water rescue, it is suggested that you never jump into the water to save someone who is conscious. It is always safer to throw something to them. That is what this bag is designed to do.

        That is why World Prep has produced its own Rescue Throw Bag. The bag floats, is high visibility yellow and contains 50’ of water rescue line, which also floats

        Rescue Throw Bag - 2.00 lbs


        Contact TMP Marine Products for additional information regarding the contents of the various kits, as well as pricing


        ES AUTO SAFETY KIT - Basic Safety Kit - 42 items

        LS AUTOMOTIVE KIT - Smaller version of our LT kit, perfect for students going away to school - 60 items

        LT AUTOMOTIVE KIT - This kit was developed for motorists who find themselves in an emergency on the road - 193 items

        ES DISASTER RESPONSE KIT - A Small kit for the apartment dweller - 10 items

        LS DISASTER RESPONSE KIT - Designed to sustain one person for 3 days - 60 items

        LT DISASTER RESPONSE KIT - Designed to sustain 2 people for 3 days - 193 items

        SLT DISASTER RESOURCE KIT - Be prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters - 280 + items

        PERSONAL COMFORT KIT - Hygiene products for homeless or misplaced people - 29 items

        TRANSITIONAL CARE PACK - Designed for homeless people. Low profile kit -

        MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE KIT - Writing material in a pouch - 10 items

        PERSONAL COMFORT KIT - Hygiene products - 16 items

        TRANSITIONAL CARE PACK - Dessert Cameo - transitional comfort products - 20 + items

        COMMUTER SAFETY KIT - Designed to fit in a purse, briefcase, or breast pocket - 7 items

        PERSONAL EVACUATION KIT I - PEK I - kit Designed to assist people evacuate buildings in an emergency - 40 items

        PERSONAL EVACUALTION KIT II - PEK II - kit Designed to assist people evacuate buildings in an emergency - 7 items

        ES - ATV SAFETY KIT - Small kit, for short excursions - 12 items

        ATV SAFETY KIT - Designed for the outdoors person ATV operator, who finds themselves in an emergency - 62 items

        BIKER'S SAFETY KIT - Designed to fit into the bike's compartments - 43 items

        HIKER'S SAFETY KIT - Designed to make you prepared for the unexpected on hiker's trails - 44 items

        SNOWMOBILER'S SAFETY KIT - Designed with practicality, compactness, durability and visibility - 46 items

        WATERFOWLER'S SAFETY KIT - Constructed with Advantage Wetlands Camo for hunters - 54 items

        SEARCH and RESCUE
        BUSH PILOT SURVIVAL VEST - Designed with food, water, heat protection, first aid gear, illumination and signaling gear - 20 +

        FLOOD RESCUE KIT - Designed to assist people left behind in flood situations - 71 items

        CRUISER EMERGENCY KIT - Designed for officers responding to emergencies - 36 items

        WORLD PREP CERTIFICATION KIT - Items to train civilians in Basic Search & Rescue - 175 items

        COMMUTER SAFETY KIT - Fits in a purse or suit pocket and contains essential items for an emergency - 7 items

        PERSONAL COMFORT KIT - Filled with essential hygiene products and a deck of cards - 29 items

        PERSONAL EVACUATION KIT - Any type of event can occur - don't be caught off guard - 40 items

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