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TMP Marine Products sells the Cheyenne Manufacturing Life Ring Cabinet that is available as just the Cabinet, or with the Optional stand. This fiberglass cabinet is made to store and protect your life rings, which are required aroung open water areas. Be sure you have the Life Rings, at your facility and that they are in good operating condition.

Here is a product you never want to have to use, but a must have in any area which has potential for a drowning incident. Our life ring cabinets protect life rings from damaging UV rays and adverse weather. Keeps life rings in good condition in the event of any emergency. Our cabinets really "dress up" a facility.

        CABINET DIMENSIONS: 33" HIGH x 33" WIDE x 5 - 1/2" DEEP

        OPTIONAL STAND: DIMENSIONS: 15-1/5" HIGH x 33-1/2" WIDE x 6-1/2" DEEP

        • Lockable "Break Glass" or Non-Locking "T-Handle"
        • Mounting hardware - Wall, Deck or Rail
        • Standard Color - Safety Yellow (other colors available)
        Points of Interest
        • Protects Life Ring from ultraviolet rays, chemicals and harsh winter environments
        • Keeps the Life Ring in good working condition in the event of an emergency (Always ready to go)
        • OSHA requires Life Ring around open water, and to also keep them in good working condition
        • Really dress up your facility
        Optional Equipment
        • 30" Coast Guard Approved Life Ring with 90 feet of Rope with Float
        • Windlatch to keep door closed in wind
        • Alarm
        • Gasket around the door
        • Fiberglass Stand

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