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Keep your boat safe and warm in the winter with an Xtreme Heater from TMP Marine Products


Xtreme Heaters are the MUST HAVE accessory for the serious boater who wants to enjoy their boat year-round! Why spend time and money to winterize your boat and miss out on enjoying your boat during the fall and winter months. You can purchase an XTREME Heater, a small and highly efficient marine bilge and engine compartment heater, to extend your boat usage during late fall and early spring. All Xtreme Heaters are built with the latest modern technology, and this allows them to fit into the smallest package possible and keep your boats critical components warm, so that you can enjoy your boat year round. The boat heaters also help to extend the battery life, and they will keep your engine compartment and its critical components warm and dry. The Xtreme Heaters have been designed to fit easily into any boat.

Don't let the small size fool you - Our Xtreme Heaters generate more heat than any other boat heater on the market, in a shorter period of time. Less run time saves you money.

The XTREME Heater was initially designed to deal with the issues with other marine bilge heaters, and used in our own boats. The large size of the older generation bilge heaters was a challenge because finding an area for a such a large footprint is not easy in the average engine compartment, especially when having to mount it in one direction only. Another key concern was safety - runaway heating elements with no fail-safe protection in place could cause a partial, or total loss for us and those around us, at the dock. We also found out that there were too many cold and hot spots caused by not circulating the air properly. The goal, in designing the ultimate boat heater, was to have a bilge heater that could mount anywhere, in any size or type of boat. This would be accomplished by having a small footprint and possessing the ability to be mounted in any direction (sideways, upside down, etc.). Also, the heater would have redundant fail-safe protection to prevent runaway temperatures. The latest technology was incorporated, so that the heater would be efficient - while having a greater heat output than the products currently on the market. This new technology also allows the size to be significantly smaller, while increasing the heating ability of the heater.

The Xtreme Heater is the First to be independently tested to meet the ignition protection requirements of the ABYC E11, the USCG, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 .

Quick Release Brackets
Installation & removal of your boat heater is now fast and easy.

Driven by customer demand, our quick release bracket was designed specifically for your Xtreme heater, and allows you to easily install and remove your heater(s) in seconds, without the need for tools.

Using this bracket, your mounting options open up to include locations you may not have considered due to concern for blocked access to other components in your tight engine space.

For our customers that prefer to leave their heater(s) in place only during the winter months, this is the accessory you’ve been asking for.

Part # Description

Quick Release Bracket


Designed for use with the



Medium / Large

Quick Release Bracket


Designed for use with the

Medium / Large


  • True Forced air heaters for more accurate climate control (circulating warm air through engine compartment efficiently and consistently)
  • Automatic thermostat turns heater on at 40°F and off at 55°F +/-3°
  • Safe through temperature limiting characteristics of the heating element that was exclusively designed for Xtreme Heaters (HEATER WILL NOT OVERHEAT)
  • Dynamic, self regulating, and therefore energy efficient and economical to use
  • High power to size ratio (built to fit in the smallest package size possible to deliver the most effective heat ever in a bilge heater)
  • Pre-wired (for ease of installation by consumer or professional) for 115V power source
  • Long life /reliable ( built to last a lifetime with the best parts available )
  • Built to meet or exceed ABYC ignition protection standards with UL, SA, CE and VDE recognized components (this is the safest possible way today)
  • Fully anodized inside and out for superior protection from the harsh marine environment
  • Full 1 year warranty and lifetime support for service
  • Recommended operating temperature is from - 10°c to 80°c or ( 15°F to 180°F )
  • Models come in small ( with Breaker ) = XHeat ( 300w ), medium = XXHeat ( 450w ), and large = XXXHeat ( 600w )
  • Heater dimensions:

Small - 6" L x 4" W x 5 - 1/8" H

Medium & Large - 8" L x 4" W x 5 - 1/8" H


Any electrical device does require a consistent and dependable source of power to operate efficiently.

Xtreme Heater 600 Xtreme Heater 450 Xtreme Heater 300
Wattage 600 – 800 + 450 – 625 + 300 – 525 +
BTU 2050 to 2725 1535 to 2130 1023 to 1790
Exit Air Temp 245 203 167
Cubic Feet 675 350 180
It is kind of confusing when we say the Xtreme 600 will produce 800 watts. It will in certain situations, such as when the air temperature is low enough inside the engine compartment where the heater is in operation. In order to maintain temperature, it must use all of its dynamic capability to maintain temperature. In that scenario, it will call on more power to do so: right around 800 watts. Because it is a variable power device is good news, because Xtreme Heaters offer an automated variable power device, whereas the competition offers a fixed resistance technology. It is good news because the converse is also important; if something should fail, such as the fan, the Xtreme Heater will regulate itself, while the competition should be able to cook food.
Tab 3 Label How Does It Works Tab 3 Content All Xtreme Heater models utilize PTC based heaters. PTC is an acronym for “Positive Temperature Coefficient”. What this means is that the Xtreme Heater will self limit and will also respond automatically to thermal load demands placed on it by the environment, whether it be positive demands or negative demands; this is accomplished automatically within the PTC heater by its regulation of resistance as temperatures change or fluctuate. A PTC heater will increase its resistance as temperature increases. Practically speaking, the wattage will increase as ambient temperatures fall and the wattage will decrease as ambient temperatures rise. The practical side to this is that the PTC air heater will maintain a consistent air temperature within the temperature tolerances specified and will never over heat in any circumstance.

Traditionally, temperature regulation has been accomplished using a combination of a fixed resistance heater and a thermostat. This has been, and still is today, a reliable method for heating enclosures. However, the problem can arise that if the thermostat fails you will have a heater running at maximum capacity with no way of shutting it down even as temperatures increase to an unsafe level.

The Xtreme Heater also has a maximum output level that can adequately provide enough heating power to maintain temperatures within the enclosure at minimum ambient temperatures. But the difference is that this power level changes automatically in response to ambient or environmental demands. What happens if a thermostat fails when a PTC heater is in the system? The heater will shut itself down to a minimum operating level without overheating anything. It is like treading water. What happens if suddenly the fan fails and there is no airflow? The PTC heater shuts itself down to a minimum operating level without overheating anything. If there is a sudden thermal load placed on the heating system either by falling ambient temperatures or maybe a consumer caused condition, such as a door opened and cold air is allowed to enter the heating chamber, the PTC heater will automatically increase its heating power to replace the heat loss. As soon as this has been accomplished the heater will stabilize again at a lower power level, it will go back to the “treading water” mode.

So you can see a when you use a PTC based heater and a thermostat you have a control situation that can be compared to a person who wears both a belt and suspenders. It is equally as safe to eliminate the thermostat entirely and let the PTC control the temperature. The larger benefit to using the PTC technology is that risk or your exposure to liability is reduced.

Xtreme Heaters provide the heat your boat requires to stay warm and does this safely with reduced energy consumption.........all key benefits to the Xtreme Heaters customer.

Tab 4 Label Cubic Ft. Calculator Tab 4 Content

When Caculating the Cubic Feet of the space – DO NOT take out the volume of the motors, or other components from the cubic feet. Remember you are trying to warm the metal on all components in the engine room.

Length X Width X Height = Cubic Feet

A boat that is stored out of the water - on a lift, or a trailer, may require the next larger size heater, for full engine compartment protection ( add around 100 cubic feet to the total ). Bilge vents need to be covered and the outdrive drained.

Tab 5 Label Certification Tab 5 Content Setting the standard in Marine Heaters

The first Bilge heater on the market to pass the Ignition Protection requirements of the following organizations

The Xtreme Heater has been tested for the ignition protection requirements of the ABYC, the USCG, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 to determine compliance of the item to the Ignition Protection requirements for electrical components as stated in the ISO Standard ISO 8846 as well as the Electrical System Standard, Title 33 CFR, Part 183, Subpart I, Section 183.410, SAE J1171and the ABYC Certification Handbook.


The procedures used to accomplish the Ignition Protection tests are ISO 8846, SAE J1171,and the USCG recommended procedures entitled “USCG Electrical System Standard Test Procedure”, dated January 1978. These procedures are acceptable to the European Community and the United States Coast Guard respectively for establishing conformance to the ignition protection requirements. The Xtreme Heater 600 was chosen for the test as the highest energy producing unit within the family. Upon receipt, the test specimen was inspected for damage and any obvious signs of noncompliance with the requirements of the ISO Standard, the SAE Standard and the USCG requirements.

Report No. 17230-1

The Xtreme Heater was subjected to an Explosive Atmosphere Exposure Test and a High Temperature Operating Test. The tested unit, because it only operates normally at between 40°F an 52°F was “tricked” into operating at the required 60°C ambient temperature by removing the system thermostat and placing the thermostat into a cold water bath during testing. Although the thermostat (Airpax 054052A) is a sealed component, it was subjected to the Induced Ignition Test as it was the only spark producing component in the assembly.


The results of the test performed indicate that the heater meets the Ignition Protection Test requirements of the USCG, stated in Title 33 CFR 183.410. The test article was operated (50 on-off-on cycles) while in an explosive atmosphere without igniting the atmosphere. At no time during the High Temperature Operating Test was a temperature in excess of the limits of the Standard detected on any exterior surface of the test article, or its components. The thermostat contained the energy generated by the 50 Induced Explosions, without causing the surrounding explosive atmosphere to ignite.

Xtreme Heaters are built to meet or exceed ABYC ignition protection standards for your safety.

Conventional space heaters and light bulbs are unsafe for an engine compartment because of the danger of sparks igniting gas and other flammable vapors

MIL-SPEC Testing Xtreme Heaters

Xtreme Heaters were put through all MIL-SPEC ( MIL-STD-810E Method 514.4 Vibration ) Testing just to Prove that they are tough enough to make it in the most demanding environments . The MIL-SPEC (MILITARY) test are the hardest to pass. This method is intended for all types of military equipment.

Xtreme Heaters on the shaker table. This will simulate a long time of abuse, real world vibration levels, and intensities received by the product during this test will exceed what the product should see in real world experiences.

Below are pictures of the actual shaker test

Effects Vibration can cause :

  • A. Wire Chafing
  • B. Loosening of Fasteners
  • C. Intermittent Electrical Contacts
  • D. Touching and Shortening of Electrical Parts
  • E. Seal Deformation
  • F. Component Fatigue
  • G. Cracking and Rupturing

When Xtreme Heaters was done with the vibration testing, the heaters were put thru the rigors of the MIL-Spec ( MIL-STD-810E Method 507.3 Humidity) humidity testing for environmental effects.

Xtreme Heaters were then tested for MIL-Spec ( MIL-STD-810E Method 502.3 Low temperature) Low temperature testing which takes the environment down to -40C/-4F. The Xtreme Heater was still working fine.

Next, the Xtreme Heaters were tested for MIL-Spec ( MIL-STD-810E Method 501.3 High temperature) High temperature testing which takes the environment up to 60C/140F. The Xtreme Heater was still working fine.

Xtreme Heaters is continually testing and will make sure they are manufacturing the best marine heater on the market today

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