Winches For Model 4200 Rail System

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“Changing the Way Small Watercraft
Get On and Off of the Water”

TMP Marine Products represents and sells the Roll-n-Go Innovative Docking Solution products which is a On-Shore Docking System.  Our Roll-n-Go systems are changing the way small craft are stored, docked and launched.

TMP Marine Products-Roll-n-Go has a unique design to handle the hundreds of thousands of personal watercraft, small boats and pontoon boats that have no other efficient and effective method for docking and storage.

Roll-n-Go is an inventive answer to long overlooked needs for better docking solutions, that lake property owners face.  We created a full line of state-of-the-art docking systems that could meet requirements no one else in the market could address.  Our Roll-n-Go Systems are an economical docking system that delivers and excellent alternative to the huge burden and expense of traditional docking and boat lifts.

The versatile modular ramp system can be easily extended, or modified to accommodate the requirements of changing shoreline applications and to custom-fit changing waterfront dimensions.  TMP Marine Products-Roll-n-Go line includes models designed to handle small watercraft, of all kinds – from 1, 2 and 3 passenger PWC’s up to 2,000 pound boats and pontoon boats.

The winch you choose will determine which winch mounting plate or winch post you will receive. For the top end of the track. Extra track sections, leg kits and angle kits are available to get your boat over rough terrain or change angles to follow the contour of your shoreline. The carriage contains 2 fully welded ends connected by bolt-in channels. It will accommodate any of our bunk systems (sold separately). The bunk mounting system allows you to locate them anywhere along the width of the carriage and adjust the angle of the bunk to fit your hull perfectly. The wheels are machined from solid aluminum, are double flanged and bronze bushings that ride on grease-able axle bolts. The carriage has strong, PVC drive-in guides that adjust as wide as 9 feet. It is also equipped with a retaining system to prevent the carriage from jumping the track.  All electric winch options include an aluminum winch/motor cover. Choose the base kit with the winch that best suits your needs.


Manual Hand Winch

Shelby 2-Speed, 2800 lb., is the one to purchase if your slope is 10% or less, and your boat is under 2,500 lbs..  You can crank it up with our 2,800 lb., 2-Speed hand winch.  Comes with 50 feet of cable and is upgradeable to 90 feet.


AC Winch
DL Strang Arm SA12000

This is our economy AC winch.  It has a 3-prong plug and a pendant.  The winch comes ready to plug in and operate with its weather sealed hand-held controller.  It has 2,000 lb. pull and comes with 50 feet of cable.



AC Winch
Warn Model 3000 ACl

This winch has 3,000 lbs. of pulling power and is the strongest of our winches.  The mountable drum switch must be wired.  You will need to wire this unit to your 100v or 220v power source.  This winch is considerably faster than the 2,000 lb. model winch.  Comes with 100 feet of cable.

DC Winch
Superwinch TigerShark 9500
(12v Battery Not Included)

No Power to your shoreline ?  Our DC Winch on this model is super powerful and will cycle up and down easily using a deep cell marine battery.  If you don’t want to cart your battery back and forth, consider adding our top quality solar charging kit (added option).  This includes 95 feet of cable, and the hand held controlled detaches for safe keeping.


Solar Charger for DC Winch
(Battery Not Included)

Our 20 watt Solar Charger System for DC Winch.  The kit includes a 20w panel for 12v battery.  Includes a quick connect wiring system, cable ties, instructions, a charging regulator (12v, 3 watt for lead/acid battery), mounting arm, battery charge level indicator and all the necessary hardware.  Size group 27 deep cycle battery recommended.  Solar Kit may ship separately.

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