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'Reduce The Waves At Your Marina'

If your facility is in an area subject to waves caused by winds and/or boat wakes, then we have three systems that can help prevent damage and injury caused by their actions.

The whisprwave is designed to moderate and delay the loss of sand on our beaches in the dry beach and surf zone. It does so by cooperating with the forces of nature rather than in opposition to them. In addition, Whisprwave can protect marinas, anchorages, inlets and harbors from destructive or annoying wave effects.

Traditional breakwaters, seawalls and jetties have failed primarily because they reflect or direct wave energy in destructive ways, or concentrate it in local hot spots. Erosion and the scouring effects of the misdirected energy lead to the loss of the beach and undermining of the structures that were meant to be protected.

The Whisprwave is designed to remedy these complaints. It can be set in any depth of water, but is particularly effective in the up to thirty foot zone, believed to encompass most in-shore erosion. This system has complete portability and does not require major construction to move it if circumstances require new applications. This flexibility greatly enhances its usefulness at sites that are subject to possible changes in needs and requirements.

The Whisprwave is typically constructed in an inverted pyramid shape. The structure consists of interlocking modules secured to one another by horizontal rubber cables running through the four module flanges and locking clamps are placed on the end of each rubber cable. The structure will be completly flexible, but semi-rigid and have an unfilled hollow mass of approximately 3,000 pounds.

The structure is anchored to the sea bottom either by using the Manta Ray Anchoring system, that has been used successfully by both military and commercial concerns, or other suitable alternatives, such as concrete or heliarchical screw in anchors.

Call or E-Mail us with your wave action problem and let us design a system for you.

PS - A Video is available on request

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