TRIONIC Spill Control Kit

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TMP MARINE PRODUCTS offers you the TRIONIC Spill Control Kit that has the products stored in our Rotomolded Dock Box. The kit contains sorbent products (items are listed below) that will absorb approximately 113 gallons of petroleum based fluids. You can purchase the Spill Kits as a complete package, or purchase the Storage Box and fill it with the items you want in the container.

Spill Control Kit #9003

48.25"L x 26.5"W x 29"H

This Spill Control Kit consist of sorbents you need to help contain and clean up petroleum based spills. These lightweight sorbents absorb up to 20 times their weight in oil. They continue to float when fully saturated and repel water but soak up petroleum based fluids.

Kit contains

  • 1 ea. # 9100 polyethylene storage box
  • 8 ea. # 6018 - 5" diameter x 120" (10 feet) Long Booms
  • 10 ea. # 5001 - 17" x 17" Pillows
  • 95 ea. # 7302 - 17" x 19" Mats
  • 2 pair - # G100 rubber gloves
  • 2 safety goggle
  • This Spill kit will absorb approximately 113 gallons of petroleum based liquids.





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