Taylor Made Products Freedom Fenders

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TMP Marine Products Sells the Taylor Made Freedom Fenders. Rotationally molded from heavy gauge PVC, freedom fenders feature a needle valve for easy inflation. The patented V shape stays on pilings no matter which way the boat moves. The recessed line holders allow them to fit standard fender racks. Hang them vertically or horizontally for the ultimate in versatility whether docking on pilings, floating docks or mooring! Mega freedom fenders are made from 40oz. PVC that is specially coated for oil resistance. Reinforced with heavy-duty 60 oz. PVC to insure the ultimate protection. All seams are heat and pressure welded. Lightweight enough for any crew member to handle easily. These fenders can be relocated easily by any one person! No more dragging huge fenders across the deck!




For Boats

8.5” dia.  x  26”

Black  or  White

25’  to  35’

12” dia.  x  32”

Black  or  White

35’  to  65’

18” dia.  x  48”

Black  or  Gray

70’  to  100’

25” dia.  x  58”

Black  or  Gray

100’  to  200’


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