Taylor Made Products D-icer

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The Taylor Made Products D-icer is a powerful submersible motor-driven water circulation unit, designed to prevent ice formation during winter months. By continuously propelling warmer subsurface water to the surface, the D-icer keeps the area ice-free. The unique one-piece design of the shroud prevents large debris from being sucked through and damaging the propeller. An optional thermostat control is available.

  • Comes standard with 50' oil-resistant power cord
  • One-piece molded plastic housing for easy maintenance and corrosion protection
  • Renewable zinc anode for corrosion protection
  • Stainless Steel motor shaft hard face internal oil seal with double life shaft seal
  • Continuous duty 120v (or 240v single phase 60Hz) motor immersed in oil
  • Permanent split capacitor for smooth operation and fast high-torque starts
  • Hi-performance propeller increases thrust and minimizes energy use
  • Unique shroud design protects propeller blade from damage by debris
  • Can be used as a pond aerator

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