SpillTech Medium-Duty Containment Boom - 100’ Long X 18” High

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Quickly contain spills and debris on moderately choppy waters.  Our Medium-Duty non-absorbent Boom floats to keep oil from spreading into, or out of a contained area, while the skirt hangs below the surface to help prevent spills from creeping underneath.

  • Internal foam float forms a barrier against oil and debris above the surface.
  • Flexible PVC skirt hangs below the surface to keep pollutants from escaping; ballast chain adds weight to help keep skirt taut.
  • Hinge points provide stability, float integrity and durability; connect Booms together to form any length.
  • Quick and easy to deploy, even using a small boat with outboard motor.
  • Light-Weight, light-duty Boom is ideal in water intakes, channels, API separators, ponds, lakes, streams, marinas, canals, ditches and other shallow areas with minimal flow.
  • 100’ Long  x  18” High
  • 1 per package
  • Orange
  • 22 oz. PVC fabric

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