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SPILLTECH has been manufacturing high-tech polypropylene absorbents (also called "sorbents") and spill control products for more than 30 years.

SPILLTECH combines traditional and new technology to create new and unique solutions for difficult problems.

SPILLTECH uses the finest materials available, blends them together in unique ways to ensure high absorbency and durability. This allows products to stay on the job longer and saves the consumer money.

SPILLTECH multi-perforates some of the products horizontally and vertically, allowing you to use only the amount needed. This means less waste and more savings.

SPILLTECH is never satisfied with the way things are. They are always looking for a "Better Way".


To help maintain a cleaner, safer workplace environment, SPILLTECH has developed a complete line of high-tech sorbents for almost every leak and spill application. There are more than 110 SPILLTECH sorbents to select from, including -- Pads, Booms, Pillows, Mats, Rolls, Socks, DripPans, Drum Top Pads, Pom Poms, Industrial Rugs, Loose Particulate and Spill Response Kits. In addition to the sorbent line, there is a wide variety of Spill Containment Products, including --Drum Containment Pallets, Decks, Blockers, Drain Covers and Funnels.


The SPILLTECH line of sorbent products are available as:

WHITE: Oil-Only - Does Not Absorb Water

GRAY: Universal - for Oils, Coolants, Solvents and Water

YELLOW: HazMat - for Acids, Bases and Unknown Liquids


FINE-FIBER technology produces densely-woven, small-diameter strands of fiber to increase surface area for fast absorbtion and firmer grip. Add 3-ply construction for durability and you have a mat that you can walk on safely and is virtually indistructable to foot traffic. Pads are also available.

Pads are perforated vertically at 9.5"

Rolls are perforated every 9.5" vertically and every 17" horizontally. Use what you need.

AIR-LAID technology produces a resilient bounce-back polypropylene fiber that creates uniform pockets of air space that sorb and hold liquid. Insert AirLaid polypropylene between two layers of tough spunbound and bond ultrasonically for added strength. Now you have an ideal mat for wrapping around pipes or fittings or parts or fitting into tight spots to help maintain a cleaner, safer workplace.

MULTI-LAMINATE technology produces a super-strong, heavy-weight mat for rugged applications. Outer spunbound layers constructed of continuous strands of interwoven polypropylene fibers provide toughness while the melt-blown inner layer draws and traps ugly grime inside. Resistant to tears and abrasions, this mat is perfect for lining tool cribs and placing under jagged parts and heavy equipment.

Pads are perforated vertically at 9.5"

Rolls are perforated every 9.5" vertically and 17" horizontally. Saves you money, use only what you need.

SONIC-BONDED technology produces a high-loft mat for faster, greater absorbency. Fuse the two layers of meltblown polypropylene together with ultrasonic weld points and you've got a mat that sucks up to 57.5 gallons per roll and keeps its shape even when fully saturated. It won't fall apart. Great for overspray areas and indoor spills where clean, dry floors are important for safety.

Pads are perforated vertically at 9.5"

Rolls are perforated vertically every 19" and horizontally at 17". Use only what you need.

MELT-BLOWN polypropylene fibers in their natural state are hydrophobic. Hydrophobic fibers repel water (and float) while only sorbing oils and other hydrocarbons. Loose-stacked weave construction increases surface area and begins to sorb on contact. Ideal for quick, effective clean-up of large oil spills on land or water.

STATIC-DISSIPATIVE the products are infused with a topical solution that provides a conductive path to dissipate static charge and reduce chances of sparking. Products are packaged in a blue bag that is specially treated to deter static buildup during transit and makes it easy to differentiate and deploy. Safely sorbs high-risk fluids like Acetone, Toluene, Mineral Spirits, Benzene, Xylene, Isopropyl Alcohol and Gasoline.

The Free Standing A-RollRack keeps rolls off the floors for easy access when you need them. Fits any roll up to 40" wide.
Product Information:
All information provided about SPILLTECH products is based upon testing and the data is believed to be accurate. However, the reliability of the information is not subject to any guarantee.
SPILLTECH will replace any product found to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty shall only apply where the buyer has issued written notice to SPILLTECH within thirty (30) days of purchase. It does not extend to product abuse, misuse, neglect or accident, nor to product repaired or altered by any other than SPILLTECH. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

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