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With TMP Marine Products “SlideMoorTM Boat Docking System”, your boat will stay right where it should be.  SlideMoorTM is a safe and efficient system that ties your boat tightly to a sliding bumper, on one side only.  No more of the frustrating issues of docking and tying up your boat; bow lines, stern lines, spring lines, bumpers, fenders and more.  One would think that there must be a better way.

TMP Marine Products is here with the SlideMoorTM Boat Docking System, "The Evolution of Boat Docking".  SlideMoorTM brings together many of the advantages of a floating dock, with the appeal of a traditional fixed dock.  Our SlideMoorTM system makes docking safer and easier, while mitigating the risks associated with tidal change, wind and wave activity.

Note: SlideMoor should meet the boat at a rubrail. Rubrails are a structural portion of the hull designed to withstand docking stresses. If SlideMoor does not meet the boat at a rubrail, SlideMoor may not be right for you.

HOW “SlideMoor” WORKS
  • SlideMoor works much the same ways as a floating dock system.
  • SlideMoor secures your boat tight with two lines on one side only, eliminating bumping, banging, and other damaging movements.
  •  SlideMoor allows your boat to move securely up and down, through wind, waves and tides
BENEFITS of SlideMoor
  • Simplify Docking – The maintenance-free SlideMoor system works with two lines on one side only, making it the fastest and easiest docking system on the market.
  • Safety of Docking for Users – SlideMoor makes docking and boarding a much safer process by tying your boat tight to the system, merely inches from the dock.
  • Safety of /docking for Boats – SlideMoor is truly a 24/7 peace of mind boat docking system.  The SlideMoor system protects your boat from bumping, banging, waves, and tides.
  • Severe Weather Protection – The SlideMoor system has worked in severe weather and hurricanes when all other systems have failed.
  • No Codes or Permits – In most areas, it is not necessary to deal with codes and permits when installing SlideMoor.>
  • Cost Benefits – SlideMoor users have considerably less to buy and maintain over the years, thus providing significant cost saving.
WHEN to USE SlideMoor

Some TMP Marine Products customers ask, "Is SlideMoor right for me?" In most instances, the answer is "Yes!"

SlideMoor can be used on lakes, rivers, bays, canals, and most other waterways. Thousands of systems have been sold, and are in over 26 countries.  SlideMoor accommodates both motorboats and sailboats and works on boats up to 90 feet and well over 160,000 pounds.

SlideMoor is not a universal solution, but we have found solutions for nearly all types of boats and docking situations.  Before purchasing SlideMoor, review our website and the literature, on the possible applications of the system.

Want to know how much your boat can rock? Give us a call and we will have our team of boating and docking experts answer any of the questions that you may have. If you would like to talk to one of our SlideMoor specialists, feel free to use the Contact us at  or call us at (631) 473 - 0382.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your docking project!

1) Slide - The patented Slide is manufactured from 6061 - T6 Extruded aluminum, for strength and high resistance to corrosion.
2) Bumper - Extruded, flexible, high-molecular polyvinyl chloride will not crack, rot or corrode. Non-marring and impervious to ultraviolet rays. Manufactured for durability and strength and is designed for increased protection with increased pressure.
3) Bearing - ⅛" extruded Carilon® lines the interior surfaces of the Slide for frictionless movement, providing high lubricity for smooth travel on the Track.
4) Cleats - 8" injection molded, non-corrosive black nylon Cleats come standard with the system. Larger Cleat sizes are available upon request. (2 per Slide).
5) Track - 6061- T6 Extruded aluminum I-beam. Track lengths available from 8 to 25 feet.
6) Slide Stop Top & Bottom - Prevents Slide from coming off. Top may be replaced with lock.
Fasteners - All fasteners are 18.8 marine grade stainless steel.

SlideMoor reserves the right to change specifications at any time.

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