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TMP Marine Products represents and sells Rolyan Buoys. All of our buoy colors and markings meet, conform, or exceed all State and federal regulations.  They are used by the U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, State Parks, Sheriff’s Department, Yacht Clubs, Marinas, Towns and Resorts.

TMP Marine Products - Rolyan is your single source for a complete line of buoys, floats and hardware for regulation, mooring and marking. Our popular styles include nun and coast guard, standard and lighted. All buoys are built of tough plastic construction and completely foam-filled.

Barrier float systems are also available for dams and spillways. Rolyan can also fulfill your reflective aluminum sign needs with warning, recreational, handicap and other models.

Approved and universally used by Local, State and federal agencies to ensure water safety. Ideal for private applications.

All can buoys have the following features:

  • Available as Cans, Float Collar Cans, or Coast Guard Type
  • Easy reconditioning of weather-worn buoys, with excellent adhesion of restoration materials
  • ABS Exterior, completely urethane foam filled and ultraviolet inhibited
  • Self-righting without tackle
  • Standard bands, symbols and messages included.

All can buoys have the following available options:

  • Internal radar reflectors
  • Pickup eye built into top (except B1428FW)
  • Non-standard messages
  • Agency and name identification
  • Swivel eyes or pipe thru for float collar applications
  • Yellow cans, centerline black and white or red and white
  • All cans available as green channel markers or red channel markers with nun tops


  • Designed for use in areas of high traffic, problem areas, and areas subject to vandalism
  • Eye for hanging buoy at top
      • ABS Plastic Shell
      • 12” Diameter
      • DURABLE – will not rust, chip or peel
      • UNSINKABLE – completely urethane foam filled
      • 2” Orange reflective band at top provides excellent nighttime visibility
      • 3/8” Galvanized attachment eyebolt
      • Choice of inland waterway marking symbols and standard messages (2 sets)
      • Excellent adhesion of lettering and paint
      • Cable and attaching hardware available
      • Net Weight             12 lbs.
      • Shipping Weight     18 lbs.

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