Roll-N-Go Float Kit

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“Changing the Way Small Watercraft
Get On and Off of the Water”

TMP Marine Products represents and sells the Roll-n-Go Innovative Docking Solution products which is a On-Shore Docking System.  Our Roll-n-Go systems are changing the way small craft are stored, docked and launched.

TMP Marine Products-Roll-n-Go has a unique design to handle the hundreds of thousands of personal watercraft, small boats and pontoon boats that have no other efficient and effective method for docking and storage.

Roll-n-Go is an inventive answer to long overlooked needs for better docking solutions, that lake property owners face.  We created a full line of state-of-the-art docking systems that could meet requirements no one else in the market could address.  Our Roll-n-Go Systems are an economical docking system that delivers and excellent alternative to the huge burden and expense of traditional docking and boat lifts.

The versatile modular ramp system can be easily extended, or modified to accommodate the requirements of changing shoreline applications and to custom-fit changing waterfront dimensions.  TMP Marine Products-Roll-n-Go line includes models designed to handle small watercraft, of all kinds – from 1, 2 and 3 passenger PWC’s up to 2,000 pound boats and pontoon boats.

The Roll-n-Go Float Kit is perfect for residential facilities, marinas and deep water applications where in-water boat lifts are impractical or impossible. Purchase our Model 1200 or Model 2000 Roll-n-Go Boat System and create a floating boat ramp to use with your dock, or shore wall. Unlike other floating boat lifts, this system requires NO OUTSIDE POWER SOURCE. Its modular design gives it the versatility for various size boats up to 2000 pounds. All you do is add floats. The durable, rotationally molded floats are filled with closed-cell polystyrene, for long-lasting, leak free life. Just like every Roll-n-Go quality product, the Float Kit is designed for easy UPS shipping.

How to Use the Roll-n-Go System

Whether it's for a PWC or a boat—using a Roll-n-Go system is easy!

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