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Tired of those ugly old pilings, with the cracks and splinters? Give them a new look with PILE WRAPPER from TMP Marine Products. PILE WRAPPER will make your dock and the pilings look their very best. This is the utmost in asthetics.

If you have a dock or pilings...

...then you need "PILE WRAPPER"

No More Ugly, Unsafe Pilings...Just WRAP IT!!!

  • Protect You, Your Boat and Your Pilings
  • Make Your Dock Look Great
  • No More Splinters
  • No More Snagging Clothes or Lines
  • Maximum Piling Protection
  • Maintenance Free

Tough and Abrasion resistance – won’t fade, crack, peel or chip like other products. PVC cover and POLYESTER core is impervious to all aspects of weather as well as being resistant to fuel, oils & salt water .

Non marring and UV insensitive – tough PVC will not damage your boat and is insensitive to harmful UV rays.

Environmentally sound investment - manufactured for long lasting durability and strength. Chemically inert, long lasting. Corrosion Free – won’t rust, rot or corrode. Maintenance Free! Easy to cut/form!

Economical – costs less than rub “strips” and other old dock products

Protect your boat

PILE WRAPPER is made from tough, high impact PVC with a tough polyester filling to provide the ultimate in protection. Holds and grips lines better than the wood! Will not mar or rub off and acts as a fender.

Protect your PILE

PILE WRAPPER provides excellent protection to the pile itself, extending the life of the wood and avoiding costly replacements.

Enhance your dock

Make your dock look its very best.
PILE WRAPPER provides the utmost in aesthetics. No more ugly, old wood piles. Available in standard white and black with custom colors available.


PILE WRAPPER has been installed over wood, steel and even concrete pilings!

PILE WRAPPER comes in a variety of standard widths to meet any pilings needs. To determine the width you need:

1. Measure around the widest part of the piling and add a minimum of two inches for overlap. PILE WRAPPER easily overlaps and can even be "double wrapped". (i.e. A piling diameter of 5-7" requires the 24" width Pile Wrapper)

2. Measure vertically down the piling the distance you want to cover (this is the length of the PILE WRAPPER you will need and follow this procedure for each piling. Then order the appropriate width and material that you will need.

3. PILE WRAPPER can be installed below the waterline.

4. Use Chart Below to order correct width PILE WRAPPER

5" up to 7" 24"
7" up to 8" 28"
8" up to 10" 33"
10" up to 12" 39"
12" up to 13" 44"
13" up to 14" 48"
14" up to 15" 50"
15" up to 16" 54"
16" up to 18" 58"


You have 5 pilings ranging from 11" diameter ( 34.6" around ) to 12" diameter ( 37.7" around ) and each piling is 10 feet tall.

Refer to the Chart Above to see the standard widths. 39" PILE WRAPPER works well for pilings 12" and smaller.

ORDER: 39" Wide PILE WRAPPER - 50 foot roll ( 5 pilings x 10 feet tall ).

PILE WRAPPER comes in standard 50 foot roll lengths, with custom lengths available.

Is Pile Wrapper easy to install?

Yes, it is! One person can easily install Pile Wrapper, but an extra set of hands makes the job even easier.

Simply roll out and cut the material to the required length (the Pile Wrapper material cuts easy with a utility knife).

Wrap Pile Wrapper around the piling, overlap and screw in stainless steel screws (#8 or #10 size – 1-1/2” to 2” long) with finishing washers every 6” to 12”.

If you are not comfortable installing yourself or are not the “Do it Yourself” type, any local marine contractor or dock builder can install for you.

There is also a method to glue the Pile Wrapper and also to use an aluminum seam strip and all they make a very neat looking job.

Installation videos are available in DVD or VHS format.

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