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TMP Marine Products is the manufacturer’s representative for the PAWLING Corp., designer and manufacturer of the PRO-TEK "SMART FENDER" a new line of long lasting, high performance, heavy duty fenders, for marinas and heavy use fuel docks. Presently, there are two Models available: the Standard Duty MD – 7 and the Heavy Duty MD – 12.

The PRO-TEK “SMART FENDER” has been designed for Today’s Generation of Yachts. The fender is molded to fit the curvature of the pilings and provide a protective barrier between the piling and the yacht. However, the fenders can also be used on flat surfaces in a vertical, or horizontal manner.

The “SMART FENDERS” will withstand high volumes, large impacts and customer abuse from recreational boats, large luxury yachts, commercial fishing vessels, and other vessels that may come to your facility.

  • Is Pre-formed to provide a snug fit against your pilings.
  • Allows the Force of Impact to be absorbed by the fender, and not transferred to the piling.
  • Will remain in place, even when hit from the side. This is due to the design features of the “SMART FENDER” and the new anchoring system.
  • Your installation is Secured Thanks to the NEW Patent Pending Anchoring System.
  • Is Resilient, Non-marking, UV Stabilized and Gray in color.
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces and provides great protection.
  • Is used at many fine marinas around the country at their Fuel Docks, Lift Pits and Slip Areas.
  • The Fenders have pre-drilled holes for mounting:
  • MD – 7 3/8” Holes MD – 12 1/2" Holes
  • The Fenders are available in 8 ft. and 10 ft. Standard lengths, with special lengths available upon request.
Anchoring System

The patent pending fastening system is unique. The material is 316 marine grade, stainless steel. The new strip washer has a cleated protrusion on 4 corners to securely hold the fender in place, during high impact situations. Each washer is pre-drilled for the fender that you are purchasing. This is an option and is on top of the price of the fender. Stainless Steel lag screws are also available.

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