Marine Electrical Equipment Fire Station Safety Pedestal Model FS1020

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TMP Marine Products and Marina Electrical Equipment knows how important safety is at a marina, and have designed the “Fire Station” to fit this need.

The “Fire Station” safety pedestal is the perfect solution to keep your marina in compliance with NFPA 303, which states:

“(1) Extinguishers listed for Class A, Class B, and Class C fires shall be installed at the pier / land intersection on a pier that exceeds 25 ft. in length.

(2) Additional fire extinguishers shall be placed such that the maximum travel distance to an extinguisher does not exceed 75 ft.”

Our pedestal compliments the look and feel of our other products, and will stand at the ready for any marina emergency. This unit is also suitable for poolside, private docks, etc.

Standard Features
  • Rugged, long-lasting 22-gauge 316L stainless steel main housing.
  • Heavy-duty .1875” thick injection-molded polycarbonate top and lens assemblies.
  • Limited 7-year warranty on exterior components.
  • Photocell-controlled 14-Watt compact fluorescent light fixture with circuit-breaker protection.
  • 15-Amp rated single phase 125V terminal block.
  • Unmistakable backlit fire extinguisher symbol laser-cut in spring-loaded hinged cabinet door with red polycarbonate window.
  • Durable .250” thick injection-molded polycarbonate mounting base plate which isolates the bottom housing from the dock surface
Optional Features
  • 10-pound or 20-pound, Type ABC fire extinguisher, mounted on a bracket which suspends it above the bottom tray to inhibit corrosion.
  • 24” life ring
  • Dual-function alarm and strobe which activates with the removal of the optional 24” life ring and/or fire extinguisher.
  • Photocell-controlled 5-Watt, 380 Lumen LED light fixture.
  • Amber or Clear Polycarbonate Lens.
  • 42.5” High  x  11.125” Wide  x  11.125” Deep

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