Marina Electrical Equipment - Distribution Gear - Type G And Type G-GC Portable Power Cable

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TMP Marine Products sells the dockside power units manufactured by Marina Electrical Equipment. They manufacture the highest quality weatherproof electrical equipment in the marina industry. Their extensive experience in this business allows them to produce the most advanced and user-friendly product scope of any power equipment manufacturer, which includes stainless steel and polycarbonate power pedestals, utility centers, fire safety pedestals, unit substations, panelboards, wire and cable, and solid state electric monitoring devices. Thru TMP Marine Products we can also offer complimentary electrical layout and design consulting services by our experienced staff. Marina Electrical Equipment is dedicated to continuing our long-standing history of designing and building the safest, most functional weatherproof electrical equipment in the business. We look forward to serving our customers and building lasting relationships in the process.

Marina Electrical Equipment is committed to being an all-inclusive manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality marina electrical products in the industry. Our product scope does not stop at the pedestals alone, as we have the resources and the capability to produce or supply absolutely every piece of equipment necessary to satisfy your specific requirements and situation. Whether your project requires stand-alone transformers, panelboards, switchboards, service-entrance equipment and wire/cable, we can provide it all, tailored to your exact specifications at the most competitive prices.

  • 2000 Volts. 90°C(-40°C). Sunlight and Oil Resistant.
  • UL and c(UL) Listed, MSHA Approved, and RoHS Compliant.
  • Rope-lay, stranded bunched members, annealed copper conductors.
  • Conductors insulated with premium-grade EPDM.
  • Insulated conductors are assembled round with non-wicking fillers and jacket reinforcements as needed.
  • Cable is covered with a black CPE rubber jacket with indented printing for easy identification.
  • High Flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, ozone, aging, and abrasion

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