Marina Electrical Equipment - Commodore SS Power Pedestal Models CD50200 & CD100200

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TMP Marine Products sells the dockside power units manufactured by Marina Electrical Equipment. They manufacture the highest quality weatherproof electrical equipment in the marina industry. Their extensive experience in this business allows them to produce the most advanced and user-friendly product scope of any power equipment manufacturer, which includes stainless steel and polycarbonate power pedestals, utility centers, fire safety pedestals, unit substations, panelboards, wire and cable, and solid state electric monitoring devices. Thru TMP Marine Products we can also offer complimentary electrical layout and design consulting services by our experienced staff. Marina Electrical Equipment is dedicated to continuing our long-standing history of designing and building the safest, most functional weatherproof electrical equipment in the business. We look forward to serving our customers and building lasting relationships in the process.

Marina Electrical Equipment strives to stay on the cutting-edge of product development. Modern marinas require more electrical capability than ever before, and our flagship power pedestal, the “Commodore SS” is designed to fit that need. With the ability to supply dual voltages/phases at up to 500A each, the Commodore SS enables the marina to accommodate the diverse power requirements of the larger super-yachts.

Standard Features
  • Intertek-ETL Listed, tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories-231 standards, CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.29 and NFPA 303.
  • Rugged, long-lasting 16-gauge 316L stainless steel NEMA 3R main housing.
  • Heavy-duty .1875” thick injection-molded polycarbonate top assembly.
  • Limited 7-Year Warranty on exterior components.
  • Extra wide back-lit receptacle faceplate for easier plug-in.
  • Highest quality stainless steel Leviton® twist-lock receptacles.
  • Highest quality Globetron® 100-amp pin and sleeve receptacles (when 100-amp receptacles are selected).
  • Industry-trusted Russellstoll 200-amp pin and sleeve receptacles (when 200-amp receptacles are selected).
  • Time-tested, market-trusted Square-D® circuit breakers.
  • Patent-pending pivoting receptacle faceplate assembly, which simplifies field-maintenance tasks such as replacing circuit breakers, receptacles or meter current transformer coils.
  • Photocell-controlled dual 14-Watt compact fluorescent light fixture with circuit-breaker protection.
  • 250-Amp rated copper stud-lug single phase 125/250V terminal block.
  • Newly designed, highly functional dual hose/cable brackets, capable of holding min. 50’ of standard 5/8” ID garden hose or 50’ of 50-ampere, 4-wire shore power (S.O.) cord.
  • Clean-looking flush-mounted access panels.
  • Lockable polycarbonate weatherproof doors which shield the receptacles and circuit breakers from the elements while in use (as required by NFPA 303 and NEC Article 555).
Optional Features
  • Receptacle Options:
  • 20A, 125V Duplex GFCI.
  • 20A, 125V L5-20R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
  • 30A, 125V L5-30R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
  • 50A, 125V SS-1 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
  • 50A, 125/250V SS-2 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
  • 100A, 125/250V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
  • 100A, 125/250Y Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
  • 100A, 480V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
  • 200A, 480V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
  • Hardwire Cam-Type Connectors.
  • Interlocking circuit breakers.
  • Dual phase terminal blocks – available to 500-Amp ratings each.
  • 250-Amp rated copper stud-lug three phase 125/250Y terminal block(s).
  • Solid-state electric monitoring for sub-metering kWH consumption.
  • Wireless NUCORE™ remote meter reading.
  • Ground Fault Monitoring at each slip (patent-pending).
  • ¾” IPS ball valve hose bibs.
  • Hose bib vacuum breakers.
  • Water metering.
  • Phone, Cable TV, and/or Data ports
  • Photocell-controlled dual 5-Watt, 380 Lumen LED light fixture.
  • Amber or Clear Polycarbonate Lens.
Standard Dimensions:

48” H
14” W
14” D

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