JIF Marine - CSD2-5 Under Deck Ladder - 5-Step Pontoon Boat Ladder

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“A STEP UP” Pontoon Boat Ladder

TMP Marine Products line of under the deck – pontoon boat - storage ladders, are manufactured by JIF Marine Products.

Our goal has been to supply the best prices, value, selection and service for all of your marine needs.  We offer high quality products and top customer service.  This includes a 2 year, no hassle replacement, or repair of the product as appropriate.

Note:  some components, particularly those made of rubber, or plastic, will wear over time and such normal wear and tear is not part of the warranty.  Similarly, we do not cover damage done to a ladder through misuse, improper installation, or neglect.

All items are packaged for UPS shipment.  Should a problem arise, we just fix it.

This Pontoon Boat Ladder is for Round Front pontoon boats.


    Length: 59"
    Width:   18"
    Depth:     5.5"
    Weight:  21 lbs.

    • Convenient, under-deck design stays out of the way
    • Mounts under deck, deploys easily
    • Safer boarding away from prop and motor
    • Aluminum
    • Drilling required
    • 300 lb. capacity
    • Mounting hardware included
    Why Do I Need A Front Mounted Ladder

    You will probably use your pontoon boat ladder very often, so understanding the importance of its placement is beneficial to you.

    If you have children, this ladder is a must !

    It keeps the traffic in front of the pontoon. Children like to jump into the water from the front of the pontoon, but without a ladder on the front, they must swim around and board the pontoon from the rear. This creates traffic in back of the pontoon where the adults are relaxing. It also poses a hazard when boarding, with the sharp prop nearby. After a while, water will begin to accumulate throughout the pontoon from the traffic. A boarding ladder in front of the pontoon eliminates all of this.

    Seniors have expressed how easy the ladder is to navigate. It goes into the water at an angle, which makes climbing easier. It also reaches farther into the water than other ladders.

    The JIF MARINE Pontoon Boat Ladders, that are sold by TMP Marine Products is mounted securely underneath the pontoon. This keeps it from being a target for thieves, and it will not be blown off the pontoon boat, by the wind. It is easily accessible from the water in the event someone falls in and needs access from the front. A great safety feature!

    TMP Marine Products Pontoon Boat Under-Deck Mounting Ladder securely attaches to the bottom of your pontoon boat deck and can be ordered with 4 or 5 steps.   The ladder deploys easily, flips down, is self-supported, and is ready for action at a moment's notice. The aluminum frame sturdily attaches to the under-side of the deck, of your pontoon boat for permanent, safe egress.

    The "Flat Front Pontoon" option has a raised lip extending above the ladder's mount to cover the pontoon trim.  

    The "Round Front Pontoon" option does not have a lip, and allows you to mount the ladder, on the underside of most pontoon boats.

    How Do I Use The Ladder

    To use the ladder, just pull out the ladder and it will pivot down. It is aluminum, so it is extremely light-weight. The ladder is very durable and has been tested.

    The TMP Marine Products JIF MARINE - CSD 4 and 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladders are self-storing under the deck, so that it’s never in your way. It’s also very durable, dependable, and makes entry and exit a breeze.

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