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Every Glasdon -  Guardian™  Life Ring Cabinet, that is sold by TMP Marine Products, is highly visible, resilient and has been purposely designed to protect your life saving equipment.

Constant exposure to the elements can cause deterioration of vital life-saving Equipment.  Our Guardian™ Life Ring Cabinets, are manufactured from hard wearing  Durapol® material, which helps to protect water rescue equipment from storm damage, and also acts as a deterrent to vandals and thieves.  The color is UV stabilized and impact-tested in our Quality Assurance Laboratory.  Durapol® will not chip or rust, is easy to clean, and never needs painting.  The cabinet has virtually no metallic components, thus providing a maintenance free solution.

Our Guardian™ Durapol® Life Ring Cabinets also incorporate our Ropemaster™, a quick release system for the deployment of the equipment.  This makes our Glasdon Life Ring Cabinets ideal for any area in which large amounts of water pose a danger, such as harbors, beaches, lakefronts, swimming pools, dams and water treatment plants – to name a few.

The Guardian™  Life Ring Cabinet is available in two sizes to accommodate the two most commonly used sizes of life rings, 24” and 30” diameter.

TMP Marine Products provides the GLASDON “Guardian™ 24” and Guardian™ 30” Life Ring Cabinets, which have been supplied, around the world, for more than 40 years.  The current models are our best so far. By utilizing optimized production methods, this also provides the best value.

GuardianTM 24” and GuardianTM 30” Life Ring Cabinets incorporate the “Ropemaster™”, which allows the buoy and rope to be removed from the cabinet, in one movement, using only one hand. This quick release system could save valuable seconds during rescue attempts.


        Usage Indicator
        The usage indicator allows for quick and easy inspection of the life ring cabinet, which helps to minimize maintenance. A beak in the security seal informs the operator that the GuardianTM 24” or GuardianTM 30” Life Ring Cabinet has been opened and therefore a complete inspection is required.
        • Manufactured from DURAPOL material
        • Rope and Buoy retention lip
        • Knuckle hinge and hinge rod
        • Toggle latch
        • Grab Handle recess
        • Buoy and Rope retention tabs
        • Usage Indicator Plate
        • Inspection window
        • Operator inspection lid stay
        • Instruction Graphic
        • Wall, Post or Rail Mounting Kits
        • Personalization
        • 24” or 30” Life Ring
        • 100 ft. or 160 ft. Throwing Line
        • Mounting Options:  Rail, Deck, Post into Cement, Post with Mounting Plate
        • Stainless Steel or Painted Mounting Poles

        Mounting Options

        There are several methods to mount our Glasdon “Guardian Life Ring Cabinets”. These include:

        • Stainless Steel Post
        • Marine Grade 315 Stainless Steel

        SPECIFICATIONS – 24”

        SPECIFICATIONS – 30”


        • 36” High  x  30” Wide  x  10” Deep
        • 20 lbs.
        • COLOR:  Red  or  White


        • 42” High  x  35” Wide  x  10” Deep
        • 23 lbs.
        • COLOR:  Red  or  White


        Knuckle Hinge and GRP Hinge Rod
        • Minimizes maintenance for the customer, as moving parts are made from non-corrosive material.
        • Increases operation lifespan of the product for customer Peace of Mind.
        GLASDON Togle Latch
        • Tight Seal reduces risk of door opening when buffeted by the wind.
        • Quick release for emergency access.
        • Passive Deterrent against opening the housing.
        Inspection Window
        • Life Ring in view, when in the Guardian Life Ring Cabinet.
        • This offers visual confirmation for Operators and Public.
        • Improves drive-by inspections, since the Life Ring can be seen when stored in the cabinet.
        Inspection Lid Stay
        • Allows the operator to inspect and replace equipment more easily without having to rest the lid on their head.
        • Improves visibility and access to safety devices during inspection.
        • Can be operated with gloves on.
        On the front, recessed area of the GuardianTM Life ring Cabinets, you have space to display your “Logo” and/or provide instructions and information to the public.

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