Colligo Marine Hurricane Mooring Systems

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TMP Marine Products represents and sells Colligo Marine Hurricane Mooring systems.  Our Multi-hull and Mono-hull Systems are shown above.  Always use hot dipped galvanized shackles and seize the pins with monel wire per Colligo Marine requirements.  Anchors should be placed at 120 degrees from each other and with the system hanging about 5 feet below the boat, in the water.

If you are placing your boat on an anchoring system in preparation for a storm, then this product is for you. It allows you to place 3 anchors and couple them together with a swivel and then run two, or three lines back to your mono-hull, or multihull boat, respectively. The boat can then swivel on the anchors without getting the anchor chains twisted around each other. We recommend running chain from your anchors to the system and then nylon lines to your boat. 

The system includes 2 hot dipped galvanized plates with the usual 4 mils zinc plating, 5 or 6, 5/8 inch hot dipped galvanized shackles and a 3/4 inch hot dipped galvanized swivel. All pull tested to our rigorous quality standards. The minimum breaking strength is over 30,000 lbs. for the entire system! 

The 'Safety' mooring system is identical to the standard system but includes 'safety shackles' that are pinned to prevent unscrewing.

Our TMP Marine Products-Colligo hurricane mooring system allows for the placement of three anchors on a swivel and up to three lines back to the boat. The boat can swivel on the anchors without getting anchor chains and lines twisted around each other. The minimum breaking strength for this heavy-duty system is over 32,000 lbs. Safe working load of 8,000 lbs. It comes complete with galvanized bridle plates, shackles and a swivel. Also available with safety shackles and swivel that utilize nuts and cotter pins that eliminate the need for wire seizing.

      • Designed for boats 25' - 60' in length.
      • The system can use up to 1" lines with normal thimbles, or 3/4" lines with HD thimbles.
      • 3/8" HDG shackles are needed for attaching chain to the system.


      Product Number






      Monohull (2 shackle attachment points)




      Monohull (2 shackle attachment points) with safety shackle




      Multihull (3 shackle attachment points)




      Multihull (3 shackle attachment points) with safety shackle

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