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Add Value and Enjoyment to your Waterfront Property!

TMP Marine Products offers you designing, engineering and manufacturing of concrete floating docks, by Bradford Marine, for a great looking facility.  The docks utilizing a waler-style connection system.  All of our dock components are produced and delivered with a strong commitment to high-quality manufacturing and dedicated customer service.

The modules are made of highly controlled materials that undergo continuous testing throughout the fabrication process. Everything from the structural concrete, to the treated wood walers, hardware and polystyrene foam core is monitored. Concrete, manufactured to a specific design mix for each job is placed in the forms, together with galvanized welded wire mesh and epoxy coated rebar.

Bradford Marine’s concrete floating docks are designed sturdy, while the surface allows for secure movement. Boat owners can feel confident with the protection offered by a Bradford Marine floating dock.

 Why are our dock systems better?

  • We are an industry-leader committed to quality manufacturing and customer service.
  • Engineered to be solid and safe with the rising and falling tide.
  • Built to stand up to the elements with minimal maintenance required.
  • Customizable configurations to maximize available space.
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications.
  • Investment in quality (vs. wood) lasts 25 years.

Concrete Floating Dock Systems General Product Description

Concrete floating dock systems consisting of concrete-encased polystyrene floating dock modules -

  • Floating concrete dock floatation units consist of a fiber-reinforced concrete shell with a polystyrene foam core. Concrete is reinforced with galvanized steel wire mesh with use of galvanized reinforcing steel as an additional manufactured design. Reinforcing bars are provided at corners and along edges of the concrete shell.
  • Dock modules are interconnected with a continuous timber waler system where required. Walers are securely fastened to the floats using hot-dipped galvanized connectors, plate washers, spur- lock washers, and nuts or equivalent connectors. Perpendicular docks and smaller finger piers are sometimes connected to main docks by structural steel framing and a timber wale system.
  • Floating dock and ramp systems are designed to withstand environmental conditions. The manufacture of the concrete floating dock modules and related dock components will accommodate the same environmental conditions with the goal of minimizing post-construction maintenance.
  • The manufactured design for concrete floating dock systems may include provisions where applicable for accommodating bollards, utility pedestals, fire extinguisher cabinets, life ring holders, cleats, rub rails, ladders, and other specified components.
  • The dock modules are designed and manufactured to incorporate conduits for electrical wiring, water lines and cables as well as electrical pull boxes to allow for future installation opportunities. The system also allows for the facility to include utility pedestals to serve each slip along each pier.
  • Additional information and specifications are available upon request.

Benefits of a Bradford Marine Concrete Floating Dock:

Bradford Marines concrete floating docks provide numerous benefits to waterfront owners. A dock is essential for all waterfront properties to maximize value and enjoyment of the lifestyle these docks offer. The quality of the access provided for boating, fishing, swimming, and other forms of recreation is the pinnacle of the overall experience of living on the water. Some of the common benefits of floating docks include easy recreational access to water, secure moorage, and increased property value.

The designs offered by Bradford Marine provide exceptional stability, safety and longevity. As a result, waterfront living is enhanced to the greatest extent. Bradford Marine delivers a product that best complements your lifestyle and surroundings with proven durability and low maintenance.

Contact TMP Marine Products today to obtain a quote for your marine project. 

Since every site is different, you will need a custom layout for your project. TMP Marine Products works with a talented staff, at BRADFORD MARINE who will assist you in the design and engineering of your facility. Their technical expertise is a major factor in the success with their marine projects. Don't compromise on the design, layout, function, or quality of your project.

We would need a copy, or sketch of your plans, along with dimensions, and any special features.  This would include gangway placements, will you have water on the dock, where will your dockside power units be installed, where and what type of pilings will you have, do you want them inside of the dock, or outside of the dock, prevailing wind direction, will you have a fuel dock – if Yes where will it be Located, will you have a Pump-out facility – if Yes – provide the location, and any other special needs.

A commitment to quality, competitive pricing, service and reliability are just a few of the factors that have made Bradford Marine - Waler System Concrete Floating Docks a leader, in the concrete floating dock industry.

Options and Accessories

Our Concrete Floating Dock System comes with a variety of options, each suited to meet your requirements. There are options for safety, convenience, service and/or to make your dock or marina unique, including:

  • Mooring cleats
  • Pedestal-mounted electric panels
  • Fire extinguisher boxes
  • Dock ladders
  • Gangways
  • Ramps
Residential Docks
Every residential system should be as individual as you, capturing the essence of your waterfront and a luxurious accessory to your home. Bradford Marines floating dock systems are designed and engineered with precision engineering, taking into account the natural elements such as wind, waves, weather, geological conditions, and size of vessel.
Commercial Docks
Bradford Marines concrete floating docks are a great solution to commercial marine operators. The versatile, long-lasting docks can be configured to suit any marina, condo and restaurant needs. By providing safety and ease of customer access for securing vessels and pedestrian traffic, our concrete floating docks are a great fit to many commercial dock replacements and additions and can be installed all at once or in phases.

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