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BODY SAVERS “Anti-Fatigue Mats" are being represented by TMP Marine Products. This new anti-fatigue mat is a must for all boaters, who want a safer, more comfortable boating experience. The BODY SAVERS anti-fatigue floor mat is constructed of high quality, heavy-duty polyurethane, the very same material used in expensive, custom orthotic shoe inserts. This BODY SAVER mat is UV sunlight protected, saltwater resistant, and it has a non-skid pattern on both sides so that it will not slip and slide when wet, and neither will you. It doesn’t matter if you are bare foot or wearing shoes, you will not slip on the mat.

“Developed by Boaters for Boaters”

BODY SAVERS "Anti-fatigue Mats" are designed to take the pounding impact and stress, out of standing on the hard surface of a boat deck. Extensive, independent laboratory testing shows an astonishing 81% reduction in shock to the body, with the use of the BODY SAVERS “Anti-Fatigue Mat".

Initially developed for center console boats, the anti-fatigue mat has found its way onto virtually every type of boat, and space where a person is standing. Every serious boater should have at least one!

Look for one of the displays at your marine boating supply store. If they do not have the BODY SAVERS "Anti- Fatigue Mats", you can contact TMP Marine Products by ph/ fax: (631)473-0382, or e-mail us at

BODY SAVERS “Anti-Fatigue Mats” are constructed as a single, solid unit, with no edges to fray, or pieces to come apart. This hefty mat stays in place during the roughest seas.

1) One-Piece Construction

2) Manufactured from Polyurethane

3) 16" Wide x 39" Long x 3/8" Thick

4) Weighs: 8 lbs.

5) Colors: Light Gray / Royal Blue, / White / Black


BODY SAVERS “Anti-Fatigue Mats" are warranteed, by the manufacturer, to be free of manufacturer defects for 1–Year from the date of consumer purchase. Receipt is required.

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