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Geocomposite Wick Drainage System
Geotextile Filtration and Erosion Control

TMP Marine Products offers you the JET FILTER wick filter system which was designed with our customers concerns of depth and protrusion in mind. The JET FILTERS can be used for both new and retrofit applications in seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, bridges, cement structures, and other erosion control structures.

2 ½” diameter x 4” 

Filtration and drainage are a vital part of designing Earth Retaining Structures including coastal retaining walls, bridge abutments, wing walls, all types of sheet piles, etc. The vast majority of retaining structure failures occur due to the build-up of excessive hydrostatic (water) pressures caused by either a lack of adequate drainage or impermeability of the backfill materials.

Ports, Harbors and Marinas experience extreme rising and falling water levels and intense storms that cause groundwater to build up behind the wall.  Structures that don’t have an adequate drainage system have increased hydrostatic pressure causing additional stress on the structure.

The Jet Filter System will facilitate drainage and reduce water pressure while still preventing the loss of soil materials through the structure thus preventing erosion and wall failure.

The JET Filter System is a weep hole component available in 2 ½” diameter ABS Plastic:

  • 2 ½” dia. x 4”  available in ABS Plastic and 4 colors

The flush-mount wick dewatering filter units can be permanently installed on the front side of any earth retaining wall structures for drainage such as Bridge Abutments, Wing Walls, Steel Sheet Piling, Vinyl Sheet Piling, Seawalls, MSE Retaining Walls, Cement Walls and Flood Control Channels.

Maintainable with the ability to remove and clean the filter media cartridge when needed to ensure the life of the wall from movement and/or failure.

JET FILTER is a Flush Mount system manufactured of ABS plastic, which can be permanently installed in seawalls and bulkheads. All of the materials used in the construction of the JET FILTER are UV Protected, for added life and durability.

The JET FILTER features an easy and fast removable clip design, that allows the inside filter to be changed easily and quickly, when needed.

Managed weep hole systems are vital to the marine and bridge infrastructure today...

Filter Media

Mirafi® Filter-weave FW 300 maintains long-term flow rates in high gradient and dynamic conditions.

Erosion Control & Filtration

With its removable inner cartridge, the filter can be changed and cleaned if needed, from the front side of the earth retaining structure without dredging from behind to replace the erosion control fabric.


  • 2 1/2" Diameter x 4" Length
  • ABS Plastic

The JET FILTER installation is quick and easy.

  1. Drill a core hole for the diameter of the filter that you are installing, and space them approximately 4’ to 6’ apart, and slightly above the high tide level, or at the lowest level.  Clear out an area behind where the Jet Filter will be inserted, to allow the stem of the Jet filter to fit.
  2. Insert the JET FILTER assembly into the drilled hole in the wall.
  3. Using the necessary hardware mount the Jet Filter to the structure.
  4. Insert the Filter Element until it snaps into place.
    The Filter Fabric used in this system is Mirafi Filterweave 300 which resists clogging while maintaining flow in dynamic conditions.
  5. Done 

NOTE: Filters should be installed approximately 4 to 6 feet apart, and slightly above the mean high water line.

Pictures of Installations

The pictures below show the JET FILTER installed in the seawalls. It makes a nice, smooth, clean looking surface, without any protrusions. As noted above, the JET FILTERS are spaced approximately 4 to 6 feet apart and above the high tide marker.

Colors Available
Gray / Brown / Clay / Slate

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