Powrtran Magnum Jack Plate

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TMP Marine Products offers the Powrtran line of outboard motor products, where they build better boat parts for better boat performance. The product line consists of jack plates, power kicker steering units, power trim and tilt, brackets, boat accessories and service parts, all manufactured in the USA.  Our Products are built to stand up under the severest conditions

Unlock your boats potential with performance boat parts from PowrTran. With advanced engineering, competitive prices, extended warranties, and years of experience, our boat parts are sure to bring your boating experience to the next level. Check out our marine products today!

We want to thank you ahead of time for choosing PowrTran to elevate your boating experience.  We know you will have a good time on the water, with your new PowrTran parts


Introducing the Magnum Jack Plate that will help you get more acceleration, speed, and fuel economy out of your boat. All of our marine Jack Plate units have a sleek, US-patented design, feature extra heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames, and provide a 7.5 inch vertical lift to almost any outboard motor. If you are looking for more power, increased speed and performance look no further than the Magnum Jack Plate.

The Magnum marine Jack Plates are powered by Powrtran electro-mechanical linear actuators that deliver a full 3,500 lbs. of thrust with less than a 25 amp draw on a 12 volt battery, making our Jack Plates more effective and efficient than the conventional hydraulic systems.

Our Jack Plate actuators are built and marine sealed to operate for years in a harsh, wet environment, ensuring Jack Plate performance.

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