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TMP Marine Products offers the Powrtran line of outboard motor products, where they build better boat parts for better boat performance. The product line consists of jack plates, power kicker steering units, power trim and tilt, brackets, boat accessories and service parts, all manufactured in the USA.  Our Products are built to stand up under the severest conditions

Unlock your boats potential with performance boat parts from PowrTran. With advanced engineering, competitive prices, extended warranties, and years of experience, our boat parts are sure to bring your boating experience to the next level. Check out our marine products today!

We want to thank you ahead of time for choosing PowrTran to elevate your boating experience.  We know you will have a good time on the water, with your new PowrTran parts


Introducing the Python marine steering system, our power kicker steering unit – the quickest in the industry. Steer time is just under 2 seconds lock to lock. The responsiveness of the Python gives you the ability to make quick adjustments and tight turns in all conditions, from smooth as glass to rough and windy waters. Ideal for bow fishing, hard-to-reach transom, outboard-bracket mounted kicker motors, and even pontoons.Power Kicker Systems require steering tubes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, if your motor does not have one, or you just want to upgrade your current steering tube, Powrtan offers a steering tube optimized for the Python, giving you increased responsiveness, stability, and performance. The Python Power Kicker Steering System is designed for closed throttle cruising and trolling and can be operated by hand or foot. An optional kicker steering wireless remote control is also available through the company store online or by phone, giving you even more power kicker steering mobility.

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