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The TIDESLIDE Mooring Products are designed to be the last tidal mooring product you'll ever need. This system uses stainless steel shafts (various diameters) along with a captivated and self cleaning slide and a unique super high-strength polymer attachment block. This design allows the watercraft or platform to move vertically with the wind, waves, wake or tides, while being securely and safely positioned where you want it. There are TIDESLIDE designs for all types of watercraft and floating platforms, from boat to ship to dock, or boom.

You might be surprised to find that 70% of the “TIDESLIDE” installations are for boats just like the one pictured here, one side only.

Our TIDESLIDE Systems use the principles of physics, called hydro-dynamic pressure, to hold your boat safely and securely in place, without whips, or blow up fenders. This principle is what makes your boat float, in the first place.

The pressure from the water wants to push your boat away from objects and masses, such as your dock, or seawall.

By using TMP Marine Products “TideSlide System” and holding the boat very close to the dock, you eliminate inertial momentum that can be generated with slack lines and mooring whips.

With TMP Marine Products “TideSlide System” your boat is free to float with waves and tides, but with the tight lines, your boat will not bang against the dock, or pilings, or generate excess movement, or momentum that can cause damage

You need never worry about your boat again, as it floats safely and securely, just inches, from the dock.Easier tie-up and safer boarding are just a couple of the advantages of TMP Marine Products TideSlide Systems.

Your boat will literally float right next to your dock or seawall and the more the wind blows or the waves pound the more pressure is exerted from the opposite, or opposing side and the boat will stay right in place.

TMP Marine Products “TideSlide Systems” are designed for super heavy duty and long term use. Constructed from 316L solid stainless steel and heat-treated, poly-oxidized UHMW, “TideSlides” are the choice of professionals, just like you.

Virtually maintenance-free and self cleaning, TMP Marine Products “TideSlide Systems” come in a variety of sizes, shapes and duty-ratings, to adapt to any tidal application.

Municipalities and Governments count on TMP Marine Products “TideSlide Systems” to safely moor all types of watercraft.

From securely mounting oil sensors and booms to mooring work platforms, work boats & ships of all sizes, to rigs and docks.

TMP Marine Products is here to help you answer your tidal mooring questions.

            *TS Series- Heavy Duty Class

            (1" Solid SS shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated to12,000#
            For boats and Yachts up to 30 ft.!
            Example: 4 units for boats to 12,000#
            4” Stainless Steel Lag Bolts (4) Total.
            Spacer Blocks sold separately

            *ES Series-Express Class

            (1 1/4" solid SS shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated from 9,000 - 20,000# each, or 10 tons
            Ideal for 25 to 38 foot yachts!
            Example: 4 units for boats up to 20,000 #
            (6) 1/2" x 6" Stainless Steel Lag Bolts, or (2) 1/2"x 18" SS Thru Bolts and (4) 1/2" x 6" SS Lag Screws for (6) Total Bolts each.
            Spacer blocks sold separately.

            *YS Series-Yacht Class

            (1 1/2" solid SS shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated up to #50,000 each, or 25 tons
            Ideal for 30 to 50 foot yachts!
            Example: 4 units for boats up to 50,000#
            1/2” x 6” Stainless Steel Lag Bolts (6) total
            Spacer blocks sold separately.

            *MS Series-MotorYacht Class

            (1 3/4" solid SS shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated from
            45,000 - 65,000# each, or 32.5 tons
            Ideal for 40 to 65 foot yachts!xample: 4 units for boats up to 65,000#2"x 6" Stainless Steel Lag Bolts, or (4) 1/2"x18" SS Thru Bolts & (4) 12"x6" SS Lag Screws for (8) Bolts Total.
            Spacer blocks sold separately.

            *HY Series-Heavy Yacht Class

            (2" solid SS shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated up to #125,000 each
            Perfect for 50 to 90 foot yachts, or up to 125,000#, or 50 tons!
            Example: 4 units for yachts to 125,000#

            *MY Series-Mega Yacht Class

            (2 1/2" solid SS Shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated up to #250,000 each, or 125 tons
            Ideal for 80 to 140 foot yachts up to 250,000 LBS!
            6" Stainless Steel Lag Bolts (8) total, plus (1) 1/2" x 18" thru bolt included.

            *CS Series- Commercial Class

            (3" solid SS Shaft)
            Each unit is duty rated 500,000# +
            Ideal for yachts, ferries and ships #500,000 and up.
            Shaft Sizes from 6” to 24” diameter and
            10 feet to 60 feet in length

            Naval / Military Vessels of all sizes are utilizing TideSlide Systems to increase efficiency and decrease repair costs
            Automatic leveling of the vessel during loading and unloading.
            Short, easily managed lines, equals efficient and safe mooring!

            The only limitation to TideSlide Systems is your imagination!


            TS SERIES

            ES SERIES

            YS SERIES

            MS SERIES

            HY SERIES

            MY SERIES

            MS / HY


            Are TideSlides hard to install?

            No, TideSlides are relatively easy to install. The units are either lag bolted or thru bolted to the side of your pole or piling. The side mounting makes for easier access and, in most cases, TideSlides are easier to mount than a conventional cleat and 10 times stronger.

            Where do I mount TideSlides on my dock?

            TideSlides are mounted on the "side" of the dock pole, out of the mooring area. To the left, is shown an example of how the unit is mounted. This eliminates the chance of bumping into it while docking and does not take up space in the slip. Because TideSlides rotate on the solid 316 SS shaft, you can use them for different boats in the same slip, too. Don't forget! because you don't have slack lines its easier than ever to tie up!

            Will this work on my dock?

            TideSlides will work on virtually any dock. From side tie-ups using only two units on one side, to three point tying, all four corners, and more. We will assist you in determining the best positioning for the most benefit. TideSlides are the most flexible and easy to use dedicated mooring system available.

            Are TideSlides strong enough to hold my boat?

            TideSlides are the strongest system available and are offered in a wide variety of duty ratings to accommodate any size boats. From our Heavy Duty Class for boats to 30 feet and 20000# with a solid 1" diameter 316 stainless steel shaft to the Heavy Yacht Class with a 2" solid 316 SS shaft for yachts to 120000# and up. TideSlides are offered in shaft diameters from 1" to 6" for any size watercraft.

            What are TideSlides made of? How long should my TideSlides be?

            TideSlides are constructed of the finest materials available, solid 316L stainless steel and 100% UV stabilized Polymer plastics. We even go as far as machining the mooring blocks from solid pieces of UHMW, not injection molding for even greater strength! TideSlides are made to stand up to years of hard use.

            How long should my TideSlides be?

            TideSlides are offered in standard lengths from 4 to 20 feet long and custom lengths are always available. Keep the following keys in mind while determining TideSlide length.

            First: What is the average tidal movement in my area?
            Second: What are the tidal extremes we typically experience?
            Based on these two basic rules of thumb, we can estimate a reasonable average length for your application.
            Example: Your average tidal flow is 3 feet, but on full moon and other extreme days you experience 1.5 foot negative and 1 foot positive tide. In this case, we would recommend a 5-7 foot long TideSlide.

            Please keep in mind that we are here to assist you with any questions you might have and that TideSlide Products are completely customizable. If you have a unique dock layout or need a special size, let us know. Pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change without notice. Shipping and handling is not included and is an extra charge. Some units, especially the heavy duty rated units, must be truck shipped.

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