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"FROG HOOKS" are a unique mooring system that should appeal to both private boat owners and marina operators. Complete with all galvanized steel installation hardware, FROG HOOKS come in pairs shaped similiar to ironing boards. The wide end of each hook is attached to the dock with hardware that allows the hooks to hinge up out of the way when not in use. The tapered end has a clevis-pin bolt that goes through the transom tow eye on each side.

The hooks are recommended for boats 12ft. to 28ft. and are available in several models. FROG HOOKS eliminate the need for finger piers and outside pilings, and allow boats to ride up and down with the currents and wakes, while being prevented from swaying side to side.

Available in either Fiberglass or Galvanized Steel and Stationary or Adjustable Model, in several lengths.

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