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'The ultimate in marine fendering systems'

For over 17 years FEND OFFS have been in service on docks, marinas, forklift arms, workfloats and many other locations where boats and hard surfaces come together.

FEND OFFS are made with a resilient outer wall of nylon and spun polyester fibers protected by a PVC coating that is impervious to all aspects of weather as well as being resistant to fuel, oils, acid, saltwater and marine borers.

FEND OFFS backing material will vary with the duty selected and is mounted on recycled plastic lumber for the ultimate fender.

FEND OFFS are used on floating and fixed docks. They also come in corners as well as profiled for protection on concrete piles and seawalls.

FEND OFFS' flexibility, durability and longevity make them the WORLD'S BEST DOCK FENDER.

Note: Fenders should be long enough to protect the boat from the water line to the gunwale throughout the tide range on vertical applications.



light duty FEND OFF (Boats up to 35')


medium duty FEND OFF (Boats up to 75')


heavy duty FEND OFF (Boats up to 125')


concrete pile/seawall (Boats up to 100')


vertical corner (for concrete pilings)


horizontal corner (for floating fuel docks)
We will warranty this fender against structural failure for 10 years residential and 8 years commercial as long as it is used in the specified size and duty for the boat it services. Replacement cost of fender is covered, excluding shipping.

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