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TMP MARINE PRODUCTS offers you a complete line of marine and marina dock fender and dock edging, including: dock bumper, dock corner and side wheels and boat fenders and bumpers.

Dock Wheels

The most important thing that sets the ANC corner wheels apart from the "others" is the fact that their patented design does not have a valve to allow air to escape and the ANC corner wheels are designed with "tubes" molded into the wheel which provides substantially more protection for you beautiful boat from the dock. The competition's dock wheels may look full of air when you come into your dock, only you find out the hard way that they're actually "flat".

As boats have become beamier and beamier, it's harder to get into marina slips. These wheels are great! You can just roll your way into your slip. Compliment the "Corner" wheels with the "Side Mount" wheels and you've made an excellent system to protect your yacht. If you have a larger boat, or a "cross wind" situation, the double corner wheel offers even more protection, by spreading the load to a greater surface area. Compare the costs of repairing gel coat against buying the best... the Astro corner wheels.

ANC Dock Wheels are needed when winds and currents make docking difficult. All of the wheels are molded of thick marine grade vinyl, to with stand rough treatment and harsh marine conditions. The wheels have a molded-in hub and axle, so there are no metal-to-metal fittings to rust or corrode. This unique design ensures years of trouble free use and aids the boater, while they are maneuvering in and out of the slip. All of the wheels are factory inflated so they never go flat.

The rings of holes around our dock wheels offer much more protection and cushion than a single wall dock wheel.

The ANC Dock Wheels are available in 10" and 14" sizes, and can be ordered with either a corner bracket, or straight bracket. Double corner wheels are available in 10" and 14" sizes for larger boats, or where severe cross-wind situations exist. All corner wheels have heavy steel brackets that are hot dipped galvanized.


10 Inch Dock Wheel - Corner and Side Mount -A general purpose dock wheel for boats up to 30 feet. It will mount on the corner of side of the dock. The direct corner mount gives added strength to the mounting.

14 Inch Dock Wheel - Corner and Side Mount Side Bracket - The side bracket is designed to be mounted along the finger of the dock to help guide the boat into the slip.Corner Bracket - The Astro 14 inch corner wheel, with its unique design, ensures years of use while aiding the boater in and out of the slip.

Double Dock Wheel - Corner

10 Inch - The double wheel set-up has a heavy duty bracket sides for a more secure mounting. For boats up to 30 feet.

14 Inch - This double wheel set up will handle larger boats and slips that have cross-wind situations. The double wheels, spread the load over a larger area of a vessel's hull.





DW-10S 10" galvanized Straight
DW-10C 10" galvanized Corner
DW-14S 14" galvanized Straight
DW-14C 14" galvanized Corner
DDW-10C 10" galvanized Corner
DDW-14C 14" galvanized Corner

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