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New, more rugged design: The gangways feature all aluminum construction, yet are light enough to be carried by two people. No more repainting or replacing unsafe wooden ramps or struggling with heavy, rusty steel units. Alumiramp solves the problem of quick easy removal in the event of severe storms or for seasonal storage. Optional access ramps are available.

The siderails are rigid rectangular tube sections joined by U-shaped truss members. The top-truss design increases stability and load capacity and lends support to the rugged aluminum handrail. Decking planks are of special aluminum extrusions fastened securely to the tubular cross members. Cleats that provide additional foot grip are supplied as a standard feature.

The Alumiramp is constructed of corrosion-resistant, salt water tested aluminum alloys, and maintenance will be minimal. Alumiramp installations have proven themselves for over 25 years at coastal locations from United States to the Virgin Islands.The standard ramp width is 32", but widths up to 48" are available, and lengths up to 50 feet.

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