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TMP Marine Products represents and sells the Alumidock Stationary Marine Dock System.  They are lightweight, durable, and require minimal maintenance. This, along with their long life and easy installation and removal, makes our dock equipment a very appealing purchase. From the individual lake front homeowner to a large commercial marina, our Aluminum Stationary Dock system is a wise investment.

Unique Hinged Connection

The unique hinged connection feature of our aluminum docks allows for simple, easy dock installation and removal.  In most cases this can be accomplished by two individuals in only a matter of minutes. This easy "out of the water" dock installation and removal feature permits a much longer dock season where early spring installation and late fall are desirable.

This system also has many useful accessories from mooring cleats to double aluminum handrails. Please contact us for a complete line of optional accessories to meet all of your needs.

If you have a special need, please contact TMP Marine Products (631) 473 – 0382 or Email to discuss your requirements.



Endless Possibilities
Straight Dock

"L" Dock

"T" Dock Platform Dock
Easy Installation and Removal

Our dock is design to be lightweight yet durable for easy installation and removal. In fact our sections weigh 20% less than the average competition. Each section weighs from 65 lbs., to 95 lbs. depending on the size.

Compact Storage

Don't be concerned using your whole yard to store dock sections, especially when you have a limited amount of space. Our Dock sections can be easily stackable allowing for compact storage. 32" x 8' sections shown

Decking Color Options

Mill Finish Aluminum


White Powder Coated finish

Dock Bracket

This Bracket is used to attach the dock to wood or concrete at the shore end.

Shipping Your Dock

Concerned about the size of your aluminum dock and how much it will cost to ship? Below you can see a full leg dock system that is palletized and ready to be shipped. We have been shipping docks nation-wide for many years. We are very experienced at making sure our products arrive safely and that they do so in a cost effective manner. As you can see in the picture, the full leg dock assembly is not that big when packaged for shipping.

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