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Air Diffusion System (ADS) - Bubbler System makes nature it's ally to melt the ice in your facility. Our Air Diffusion System forms bubbles, that lower the density of the heavier and warmer water, on the bottom, and causes them to rise to the surface. The colder surface water then rolls to the bottom, where it absorbs the heat from the earth and is returned to the surface to continue the melting process.

Air Diffusion System (ADS) - Bubbler System, uses Oil-less Air Compressors and Weighted Ice Melting Tubing to maintain an open water area, during the cold winter months.

The Air Diffusion System (ADS) - Bubbler System uses lead weighted tubing that is laid on the bottom, around a boat, pier, or piling and the tubing releases a steady controlled flow of air. As the bubbles rise, they take with them a small amount of warmer water which has naturally collected at the bottom. The circulation of the warmer water keeps the ice from forming and protects the structures from the crushing pressures produced by ice. Our Air Diffusion System - Ice Melting Systems are installed in all types of facilities, to prevent damage to your docks. The Air Diffusion System - Ice Treatment System is also installed around ships to prevent damage to the boat.

Air Diffusion System (ADS) - Bubbler System uses automatic On / Off thermostat controls, which activate the system at a set temperature.

JACO fittings are used to connect the tubing together the various components of the Air Diffusion System - Bubbler System. A Galvanized Header Assembly is provided and all components are mounted either in a Fiberglass Enclosure, or a Building that you may have on the premises, near the location of the system.

For a Free Air Diffusion System (ADS) - Bubbler System Price Quotation, e-mail / send / fax us a plan or sketch of your facility, with Dimensions, Water Depth, Pile Spacing, Electrical Location, Ice Flow - if any and any other information that would be pertinent to this quote.

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