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TMP MARINE PRODUCTS offers you a complete line of marine and marina dock fenders and dock edging, including: dock bumper, dock corners, dock wheels, boat fenders and bumpers.

The original ANC Corner and Straight Bumpers have been the first line of defense against expensive damage to boats for many years. While imitators of these dock bumpers have come and gone, the ANC dock bumpers are always out there protecting boats year after year. Their tough marine grade vinyl and design are what makes them endure the test of time. Stock colors for all dock bumpers are white, black and gray. Other colors are available upon request.

Straight Bumper
The Straight Bumper is 18" long and offers excellent spot protection on the edges of docks that do not have the plain vinyl dock edging (dock extrusion). The cushioning of the ANC straight dock bumper is very kind to a boat's hull.
Pier Bumpers
The ANC Pier Bumper is designed to be mounted on the sides of docks or piers where the water level changes. They mount easily to all docks and are made of tough, marine grade vinyl. They offer great protection due to their cushioning design. They are 18 inches long and can be mounted at an angle, vertically or horizontally on your docks.
Post Bumpers
The ANC Post Bumper is designed to be mounted on pilings and posts. The Post Bumper is made of the same high quality marine grade vinyl used in our other lines of marine bumpers and fenders. Its overall length is 24 inches and its cushioning offers excellent protection for your boat.

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