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The davits can be mounted on the Dock, Seawall, or Piling. There are 9 models available from - 600 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.. The davits are manufactured from steel and hot dipped galvanized for long life. All davits are capable of rotating 360 degrees, unless mounted to a piling. In this instance the rear of the davit has a lock built into the base to prevent rotating the davit and damaging the piling.

RECOMMENDATION FROM MANUFACTURER: Do not lift boats weighing more than 4,000 lbs. on a piling mounted davit.

The electric davits are operated by direct drive winches, that allow for smooth, quiet and safe operation, without the worry of slippage, or belt replacement.

The manufacturer also has accessories you'll need for the smoothest, most convenient operation of your davit system. These include: Spreader Bars with Drops, Balance Bars, Bow and Stern Slings, Web Slings, Cable Weights and much more.


"Quality davit systems for secure and reliable boat protection."

  • 9 Models - Available in capacities from 600 to 8.000 lbs. With your choice of manual, electric, and power pivot.
  • Protection - Storing your boat on a Davit Master davit means freedom from barnacles, zebra mussels, and other marine fouling that can slow you down and increase fuel consumption. Your boat will also be guarded from wake, wind, and freeze damage.
  • The Heart - Our electric davits are powered by our exclusive direct drive DE30, DE40, and DE50 winches. Our winches are fully enclosed using totally enclosed non ventilated Leeson motors mated to a Winsmith gearbox. Because each winch is gear driven, versus belt-driven, you will enjoy smooth, quiet and safe operation without the worry of slippage or belt replacement.
  • Rotation - All davits are capable of rotating 360 degrees unless mounted to a piling. In this instance the rear davit has a lock built into the base to prevent rotating the davit so as not to damage the piling. Davit Master does not recommend lifting a boat weighing more that 4000 pounds on a piling.
  • Quality Design - Our rugged box beam design provides lateral, as well as vertical strength.
  • Long Life - Our davits are manufactured from steel, then hot-dipped galvanized for a long life. We use only the finest components and rust resistant alloy fittings.
  • Dependability - Our davits are tested to assure capacity and precision performance.





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