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TMP MARINE PRODUCTS offers you a complete line of marine and marina dock fender and dock edging, including: dock bumper, dock corners, dock wheels, boat fenders and bumpers.

      Center- Line Fenders - Inflatable Vinyl Fenders

      At dock side, protect your boat from expensive damage with the rugged Center-Line Boat Fenders. These ribbed boat fenders are inflatable and manufactured of heavy-duty marine grade vinyl, to ensure a long life and excellent flexibility. The end to end tubular center is 3/4" in diameter, so it can accept a heavy rope line. The Center-Line Boat Fenders have a very reliable, reinforced, molded in needle valve so they can be easily inflated to the desired pressure. All Center-Line Boat Fenders are individually inspected and tested by our Quality Control Department, to ensure premium quality and tough dependability.

      Fender Size Weight #/Carton
      6x15 2.70 lbs. 6
      8x20 4.70 lbs. 4
      10x26 7.00 lbs. 2

      Two-Eye Boat Fenders

      The ANC Two-Eye Boat Fenders are molded from the toughest marine grade vinyl, in a seamless, single piece. The uniform wall thickness, ribbed construction and molded-in eye-lets, gives this boat fender excellent strength. It has proven itself to be extremely reliable, while taking the punishment at dock side. The ANC Two-Eye Boat Fenders also have a large rope hole for easy tie up.

      Fender Size Weight #/Carton
      3.0x14* 0.75 lbs 12
      4.5x16 1.25 lbs. 16
      5.0x20 1.75 lbs. 12
      6.5x25 2.60 lbs. 4
      8.0x27 4.40 lbs 4
      * The 3.0 x 14" fender is inflated at the factory and does not have an inflation valve

      One-Eye Boat FenderThe ANC One-Eye Boat Fender, is a full length ribbed fender, and has a smooth, shiny surface, that is designed to protect a boat's finish. The One-Eye Boat Fender's construction, of tough, seamless, marine grade vinyl, gives them the strength to withstand the punishment of the dock. The dock bumpers have a molded in needle valve for inflation, molded in eyelet and a large rope hole for easy tie up. Available size is 5.5 x 16" with a weight of 1.50 lbs.Inflatable Boat FenderThe ANC Monterey Boat Fender is a super tough fender that is designed for large Commercial or please crafts. The 14 inch diameter fender provides maximum protection when docking or rafting boats together. The ANC Monterey Boat Fender is inflatable. Available in 14 inches with a weight of 5.5. lbs.Ring Boat FenderThe ANC 18 inch Ring Boat Fender, with its twin-eye tie down and circular shape, makes it less likely to roll out, than a cylindrical boat fender. This new fender concept provides superior protection for all types of boats, at dock side, or while boats are rafted together.Sport Boat FendersThe ANC Sport Boat Fender provides protection above and below the rub rail, yet is small enough to fit in most storage compartments. It is molded from marine grade vinyl for excellent strength and protection. This boat fender is designed for many of today's low profile boats with "V" shaped sides.

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