Battery Life Saver Solar / Wind System Batteries

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The BLS - Battery Life Saverelectronic device,sold by TMP Marine Products is an electronic device that reconditions, maintains, and can rejuvenate old “dead” lead-acid batteries. It will maintain functioning batteries in a like new condition, extending the life of the batteries.

It is a U.S.A. product that can double or triple the normal life of the batteries.

Our BLS – Battery Life Saver is suited to all types of lead acid batteries - Flooded, Gel, and AGM.

  • It can be used on individual batteries and banks of all sizes.
  • It is reverse polarity protected - if it is hooked up in reverse, it will draw current but will not damage the battery or itself.
  • The case is isolated. It is used in parallel with a charging source.
  • Each unit is approximately 4.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep by 2 inches high and weighs 11.4 ounces.
  • The electronics are potted in an anodized aluminum heat sink, protecting them from the environment.

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All BLS models come with a 120 day Money Back Guarantee

All BLS models come with a 5 Year - Limited Warranty.

One of the most expensive components of any Alternative Energy System is the batteries. Use the BLS to extend battery life and rejuvenate old batteries. Only one BLS is needed per battery system. Simply connect the BLS to the main positive and main negative battery terminals. The BLS will constantly clean the batteries from lead sulfate crystals and keep hard lead-sulfate crystals from forming.

Use the BLS-12/24B for 12 and 24 volt systems and the BLS-48A for 48 volt systems. The BLS will not interfere with any surrounding electronics, inverters, controllers, etc.





For 12 and 24 volt battery systems. Also ideal for use with a battery charger to rejuvenate unusable batteries. Comes with alligator type battery clips for attachment. This is the best BLS model to rejuvenate old batteries.



For 48 volt renewable energy battery banks or use with battery powered vehicles (Use the BLS-48B for 48 volt golf carts).Ideally mounted full time to constantly keep the batteries in optimum condition. The system should be charged regularly. Comes with 3/8" eye rings for attachment to the battery terminals.

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