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TMP Marine Products can now offer you one of the most innovative New Designs in gangways - The RAMP STAIR. If you have difficulty maneuvering up and down that steep gangway, at low tide, then the RAMP STAIR is for you.

What is a Ramp Stair?

Is it a Ramp, or is it a Stair?

It's Both!

It's also splinter free, lower maintenance, longer lasting, safer, more convenient,

and more eye appealing than any other dock ramps you've ever seen before!

To our Customers,

Boating is a favorite activity for many people, and we, at TMP Marine Products, want to make it more enjoyable for everyone. The Ramp Stair Corporation has developed an innovative new product that improves upon a much used part of the recreational boating market -- the dock ramp. They have spent several years adjusting the designs to develop the safest, highest quality, longest lasting and most reasonably priced Ramp Stair for our customers.

We, at TMP MARINE PRODUCTS look forward to introducing the Ramp Stair to you.


Traditional boat docks utilize ramps to connect a fixed land dock, or pier, with a floating dock. During low water levels, the ramp can become so steep that it is hard, or even impossible to use safely. The Ramp Stair offers the ideal solution to this common problem. The Ramp Stair can convert from a ramp to a stairway, with easy to climb steps, by the flip of a switch! The Ramp Stair will remain a ramp through varying degrees of water level until the angle of the ramp becomes too steep to use safely. Then, with the flip of a switch the ramp becomes stairs, making it much easier and safer to traverse.

Once the Ramp Stair is in the Stair Mode, the stairs will remain parallel to the water throughout all changes in the water level. The stairs will never tilt forward, or backward. The Ramp Stair is a safe and secure way to enjoy your floating dock and watercraft.


  • The Ramp Stair offers a much safer alternative to the traditional dock ramp and will offer added value to Marinas, Yacht Club and waterfront property owners.
  • Customer satisfaction is most important to any successful business. Therefore, the Ramp Stairs are made from the longest lasting non-corrosive, marine grade, quality parts that are available.
  • The Ramp Stair will far outlast any traditional wood ramp.
  • The safety features alone should reduce your risk of liability and increase your level of waterfront enjoyment for years to come.
  • Because the Ramp Stair converts to steps, you may be able to use a shorter length than your existing dock ramp.

All Ramp Stair Models include the following:

The UPPER END HINGE assembly, for the stationary dock end,
allows your Ramp Stair to lift above the high water mark without
tearing away from the dock.
The LOWER END WHEELS, for the floating dock end, are UV rated polypropylene for long wear. Wheels also prevent damage to your Ramp Stair by being unrestricted during heavy wave action, where a lower hinge could cause the Ramp Stair to torque.

STANDARD 1.5" HANDRAILS are available with your choice of Aluminum clear coat, white, or natural powder coat finish. An unlimited variety of powder coat colors are available to match your exterior design, as an upgrade option. Custom handrails are also an option.

A marine quality BATTERY, and a SOLAR CHARGER back up, support the industry Actuators, Control Assembly and switches that power your Ramp Stair.Your Ramp Stair is a self-contained product. Electricity, or Shore Power is not needed


# of STEPS
RS060 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 6.0' long gangway x 42" wide 4 steps
RS075 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 7.5' long gangway x 42" wide 5 steps
RS090 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 9.0' long gangway x 42" wide 6 steps
RS105 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 10.5' long gangway x 42" wide 7 steps
RS120 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 12.0' long gangway x 42" wide 8 steps
RS135 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 13.5' long gangway x 42" wide 9 steps
RS150 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 15.0' long gangway x 42" wide 10 steps
RS165 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 16.5' long gangway x 42" wide 11 steps
RS180 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 18.0' long gangway x 42" wide 12 steps
RS195 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 19.5' long gangway x 42" wide 13 steps
RS210 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 21.0' long gangway x 42" wide 14 steps
RS225 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 22.5' long gangway x 42" wide 15 steps
RS240 1.5 Hinged top Step+ 24.0' long gangway x 42" wide 16 steps


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