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CHEYENNE Dock Carts are being sold by TMP Marine Products. The CHEYENNE Dock Carts started off as industrial carts that where used in a very harsh environment.

With this knowledge and input, Cheyenne has developed fiberglass dock carts that can handle the abuse and tough environment of the marina's of today and yesterday.

Shown with NEW Spoke Rim Wheel

Cheyenne’s Dock Carts can be outfitted to meet your needs.

1. Do you need a dock cart for the heavy use, we mean extra heavy duty? Cheyenne will custom design and build your dock cart for your individual needs. Cheyenne’s dock carts can be upgraded with all stainless steel hardware, or build you an “Extra Heavy duty model”, using 1” axles and large, heavy duty 1” handles.

2. Cheyenne can custom color your dock cart to match your marina, or Yacht clubs color theme.

3. Your Cheyenne Dock Carts can have your logo permanently fiber glassed into the cart. You can also have your logo, burge, or company name on your dock cart. Instructions can also be put on the carts “Please return cart to the head of the dock”, or “carts are for marina customers only” - to name just a few ideas.

1. Cheyenne’s Dock Carts are manufactured out of fiberglass.

2. Cheyenne Dock Carts have a reinforced and totally encapsulated fiberglass floor. This gives the dock cart strength and provides you with a dock cart that will work hard for you, year in and year out.

3. Cheyenne Dock Carts come with Large 20” and 24” wheels, some of the largest in the market. This allows the dock cart to roll easy and can handle some of the Heaviest payloads.

4. Flat free tires – No more are you figuring out who’s going to fix a flat during your busiest time of year.

5. One piece fiberglass construction is much stronger than an external frame, or multiple piece construction cart. When your cart is put together it stays put together and gives you many years of maintenance free service.

NOTE: All Cheyenne Dock Carts come with the Spoke Rims & Solid Tires

Our most popular and economical cart, very maneuverable, ideal when you want to haul where space is at a premium.


28” Wide

275 lbs. Capacity

COLT 300
A step up in size from the Burro. Much more hauling capacity. Open-ended design for ease of loading and unloading those larger items.
COLT 300

30” Wide

300 lbs. Capacity


A real hauling machine! Easily managed and maneuverable, even when hauling a heavy load. Big 24" wheels traverse almost any terrain and make for a quiet ride over most docks.

30” Wide

400 lbs. Capacity


The Largest in size, highest in hauling capacity, this cart lives up to its name! Go ahead, give it a work out, it'll handle the toughest of hauling jobs with ease.

38.25” Wide

500 lbs. Capacity


KADCO USA "CARRY-IT" Dock Carts are by far the best ones on the market today. Several Models are available for use in the Garden, on the Docks, Beach and many additional applications.

Tubs are made from recycled High Molecular Polyethylene, so they will not rot or rust. The legs, handles, axle and braces are zinc coated steel. Several 20" Wheel styles are available.

The carts have a reputation for lasting and withstanding the elements and that is why they are used at some of the biggest and finest marinas in the country.

Cart Specifications:

Tub Dimensions: Height 12" - Width 24" - Length 44"
Overall Cart Dimensions : Height 24" - Width 32" - Length 58" Weight 40 lbs.
Capacity: Large 7 cubic ft. ( 6 bushels)
300 lbs. weight capacity
50 gallons liquid capacity
Warranty : Limited 5 year warranty

200L - Spoke tire rims with pneumatic tires.

200LU - Spoke tire rims with solid urethane tires.

200P - Plastic tire rims with solid rubber tires.

200PR - Plastic tire rims with solid Urethane tires


This cart was designed with mechanics and marine contractors in mind. The cart has a 500 lb. capacity for hauling heavy items such as tools and boat parts. The 3/4-inch axle is specially bent for extra clearance. The 18" on steel rim x 4" wide flat free tires can tackle ruts, bumps, mud and sand easily. Sealed bearings ensure a long life in a corrosive environment.


This Kit converts your cart so that it can be attached to your tractor. The legs and handle are eliminated.

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